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    1965 Shelby 427 S/C Cobra Appreciation Thread

    Ron, if you're thinking Cobra in 2019 you want a Kirkham <2,000 lbs and 600+ HP. Acceleration is on par with a superbike. I came *this close* to acquiring a Kirkham 289 FIA after I tracked one at big Willow a number of years ago. Forget the shelby continuation cars, they are plastic bodied and...
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    Hot Pressings

    I heard song samples of the Lyn Stanley LP and its a conundrum of sorts. her phrasing and arrangements are 'odd' in comparison to the way I'm used to hearing those songs (standards) at the same time I'm a sucker for well-recorded material. At the end of the day i'll prolly cave in, I hope its...
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    California Audio Show 2014

    there's something sexy about seeing all those metal case TO-3 type it old school or whatever, I dig it.
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    Transparent Magnum Opus

    not to put too fine a point on it but a "Beemer" or "beamer" is a BMW motorcycle, a "bimmer" is a BMW automobile. i spent too many years in the bMWCCA to let that one slip by.:b
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    Let's help a music lover DOWNSIZE!

    working back from the speaker end, the joseph audio pulsar ($7700) stand mounts are perfect for a small listening space. I've owned them along with Raidho X-steam baby (now replaced by the x-1). imho, both SOTA within their somewhat limited freq range - with the pulsars, your guests will think...
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    Crosstalk: digital more like Vinyl?

    early decca recordings at kingsway hall are known for the infamous "kingsway subway" that would intrude into the mix. It was at a very low level and freq but easliy discernible over a decent TT (evident on speakers corners LP reissues). in the day, Decca eng. would filter this at the disc...
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    I really miss the participation of.....

    Tim, we're probably more alike than not. when i entered in this hobby years ago i had an insatiable appetiite to corroborate what i heard in a system/recording with the science behind it. i participated in every stereophile ABX test they did at shows, i was as big a skeptic as they came with...
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    I really miss the participation of.....

    the 95% you don't care about is likely what interests me most and it was those members that are now absent that were major contributors to those threads. In all honesty I'd rather bore myself to death reading about how stillpoints, shunyata cables, etc will change my life--and i'll probably...
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    I really miss the participation of.....

    "Bill" as in Whart? And Myles too. w/o them we're missing some of the passion around here for what really counts, imo.
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    Crosstalk: digital more like Vinyl?

    did they compare a direct-to-disc mastered LP, to the tape copy and then to the RBCD mastered from the same tape as well as an LP? Sheffield Lab has offered some titles this way, and a child could hear the superiority of D2D (ask Doug Sax what he prefers). imo, the limitations of the LP...
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    Magico S5 Review by Myles Astor in VIDEO

    hah, I wish! the S3/S5 would be on my short list.
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    Magico S5 Review by Myles Astor in VIDEO

    it is amazing what one can hear...when i output the audio from my lap top to a schiit dac/headphone amp thru mid level AKG cans. on my desk top system one can tell the cyndee peters on tape is many cuts above the LP - and on an unfamiliar system, off a video no less!
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    Spectral & Berkeley Audio

    are you running your BADA off a transport or server? I had the ser. 1 Alpha DAC/alpha USB playing mostly 44.1 files (and some native hi res) I thought it sounded wonderful, AFAIK it up samples everything to 192, so technically not native hires but you can say its close.
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    Crosstalk: digital more like Vinyl?

    this one is lost on me. taking one of the worst technical aspects of LP playback and applying it to digital to make it sound 'better', how much cross talk are you talking about? Allaerts claims -70 db for his carts and most others are between -40 to -30 db. center fill is one aspect how about...
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    My Decca Book is Finally Published - FIM Decca:Supreme Stereophonic Legacy

    Congrats Larry and thanks for the heads up on the pre-sale, It looks like a must have.
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    When You Only Want One: A Single Orchestral Test Disc

    Arnold's Scottish and Cornish Dances was the one lyrita you had to own in part b/c the music was some of the most accessible in the entire catalog and the sound is demo quality, but the wrong pressing can sound bright (the later, paper thin pressing).
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    Constellation Audio - just play flat and loud or Make Music? Just Expensive orGood?

    ohh ohhh...I know [hand raised] maybe its because they actually improved it, time doesn't stand still and all that. what, you don't buy it? okay, maybe its time to milk their customers for an upgrade (2-yrs as an eternity when you're talking SOTA) mk III, IV and V versions to follow so keep...
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    When You Only Want One: A Single Orchestral Test Disc
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    Technics SP-10MK3

    congrats! i'll be following your sp-10 journey with great interest, the mk III is a special machine. it looks like the restoration was handled by the best man for the job.
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    Technics SP-10MK3

    What you saw was from the spec sheet from that era. The exchange rate in the mid-'80s puts this 'tables list price in japan at $1000. In 1985 Audio magazine listed the sp-10 Mk III at $1700 + 800 for the base (plinth) those were the days!
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    The Missing Music

    I did too which is probably why its not used by middle-aged reviewers;) that, and the standard for many reviewers has always been unamplified instruments in a natural acoustic. the one category that fits best is classical music and symphonic recordings, many of which have wide ranging dynamics...
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    The best show report yet!

    thanks Peter and its good to see Herb back in action. besides Art Dudley's Listener magazine, Herb's Sound Practices was one of the best little audio journals there ever was - if only for the SET/horn-centric enthusiast. Did you shoot video of Live Sound Designs and Robin Wyatt's rooms? I'm...
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    Vinyl's Comeback

    which "posters" are you talking about? there's nothing inconvenient about the truth, I'm sure the pressing plants and records cos. aren't complaining. If it means more reissues and new vinyl for those that appreciate the format I don't see where you're going with this. FYI, there have been...
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    Just Venting

    My brother in law got a speeding ticket driving trough a podunk little town in Montana, because they were non-Montana residents (Californians) driving a rental car the state trooper demanded payment for the fine on the spot, cash only.
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    Just Venting

    Gary, your story takes the cake, i'm sorry it happened to you. i have a few other experiences but they all pale by comparison.:eek:
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    How large is the high end audio market?

    did you read the feature set carefully? Its not only a high end headphone amp that can drive orthotics through balanced XLRs, but an asynchronous USB DAC Up to 384 kHz and DSD256! it has balanced/SE analog input and outputs and a remote controlled preamp section. Add active speakers with the...
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    Just Venting

    I take it you're talking about kph and not mph? years ago I got a ticket in my p-car for exiting the fwy at 130 mph (I was going much faster minutes before), it was 3 AM and the cop was more relieved I was not drunk and reduced the charges to excess speed. the fines weren't too bad plus an add'l...
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    What's Best: Ramen

    G, some people eat to live and others live to eat. we're the latter:D
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    What's Best: Ramen

    now we're talkin' ive got three words for you: Tom Kha Gai (ต้มข่าไก่)

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