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    Counterpoint NPM question

    Hello Jorgen, sure! This is the link: I hope still work
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    Counterpoint NPM question

    Thank you Analyzer, I have my principal audio system all-tube based and matched with not-so-large medium-high sensitivity loudspeakers for jazz and small ensemble and I would like to make another secondary system with large loudspeakers for rock, orchestra and live concert. Because I own a...
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    Counterpoint NPM question

    Hello, thank you for yours usefull reply. I found on web archive (thanks to this forum) all the web pages of the site with the upgrade description and others informations. Hi Marco, glad to know that you are italian like me! Why you don’t have anymore the Counterpoint Sa9 and Sa11...
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    Counterpoint NPM question

    Hello, just saw this interesting forum! I too own a pair of Counterpoint NPM mono amp and, believe me, they are fantastic sounding amp! At this moment I’m searching the corresponding preampli to pair the mono, the Counterpoint Sa9 and Sa11, but are very rare, especially in 230v european version...

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