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    Aqua Formula - settings new levels of R2R sonics and price performance

    It was only a 90 minute audition of the Sound Galleries Music Server converting everything to DXD 24/352. Be it red book, high res, or DSD 64, the results were jaw droppingly good. The Aqua Formula was XLR connected to a Bespoke TVC driving Pass Labs Class A amps and Zu speakers So last...
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    DSD512 May Fest in Munich 2016

    The excitement is building for the DSD 512 Fest on Friday May 6th at BMW World. We are absolutely delighted that Jussi Laako, the author of HQ Player is going be there, as well as Eno Vandemeer and Rob Darling of Roon The industry attendee list (alphabetical) also includes - Cristiano...
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    Vivid Giya G1's playing at DSD 512 May Fest in Munich at BMW World

    We are delighted to announce that a pair of Vivid Giya G1's will be delivering the sound which comes from DSD 512 DSD 512 May Fest in Munich is the launch event for the Sound Galleries Music Sever which has been designed and optimized for converting all digital formats including 16/44, Hi...
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    T+A 1- bit converters in the PDP-3000HV and DAC 8 DSD

    My first encounter with T+A's home grown DSD implementation was last year with their PDP-3000HV, and it did not go well due to driver problems 6 weeks ago I bought a DAC 8 DSD and was stunned by the quality of the play back at DSD 512, with the bit stream supplied by HQ Player, running on a...
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    Sound Galleries music server debuting at Bonn Audio Show Oct 3-4

    Sound Galleries made quite a splash at Munich High End 2015 Requests from the industry persuaded Geoffrey Armstrong to undertake a project to assemble the best music server possible for delivering...
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    G4 at the Bonn Audio Show Oct 3-4 2015

    Sound Galleries made quite a splash at Munich High End 2015 Requests from the industry resulted in Sound Galleries undertaking a development project to deliver the most realistic sound possible...

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