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  1. Mark Seaton

    CEDIA EXPO 2017 - September 7-9th - San Diego Convention Center

    I'll be walking the show Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning and attending one of the CEDIA courses Designing Rooms for Immersive Audio which Arnaud Laborie of Trinnov and another will be putting on. Anyone else attending?
  2. Mark Seaton

    Tasteful Star Wars theater renovation

    I figured May the fourth would be an appropriate time to add some info on this theater which was upgraded this past summer. The owners get a lot of use from the theater, which was a major focus in the construction of their custom home about 8 years ago now. I say owners, as the wife drives the...
  3. Mark Seaton

    A summary of how I optimize subwoofers in a system. Take 1

    How I optimize subwoofers in a system. Take 1 While responding to some questions elsewhere over Sunday morning coffee I found myself with a decent summary on subwoofer optimization using Room EQ Wizard (REW) or other measurement systems like the Dayton OmniMic or XTZ Room Analyzer. This is by...
  4. Mark Seaton

    Theater Renovation for "thebland" usiing 6 SubMersives and RS20i

    It's been way too long since I have posted here. I recently did some more thorough measurements through a recent prep & calibration of a system using 6 SubMersives and 13 speaker channels driven by an RS20i (one of the first few loaded with Auro 3D processing). I and one of my employees first...
  5. Mark Seaton

    Something a bit more extreme... BIG Subwoofer!

    With the last 2 additions of the Arrakis & SubMersive theater and Art Sonneborn's system, I saw that we were lacking some in the fun, extreme stuff, especially in the subwoofer department. As you might imagine, this and a few other projects had greatly cut into the time I had to visit this...
  6. Mark Seaton

    Updating Art Sonneborn's Sun Cinema.

    Hi all, While there is a similar post on my own forum, points of interest here will differ, and I plan to later add some more info and measurements as the process continues the rest of this year. Two weekends ago I had made some mention on our Facebook page as I was kicking back with Art &...
  7. Mark Seaton

    Goodbye to X10 Powerline Control

    This article was posted at CEPro yesterday. Apparently X10 is in receivership and will no longer be producing power line control components. In case you skip the video link at the bottom of the linked article, I'll post it here to let "The Big Bang Theory" cast honor X10 properly...
  8. Mark Seaton

    How I optimize multi-channel sound systems.

    Hi Guys, I figure if I don't get this started now I never will. I intend this to be something I'll keep adding to and we will keep discussing as the basics only set the path for seemingly endless finer tuning towards the best result possible. Of course that's why we're all here. :cool...
  9. Mark Seaton

    Topics of interest.

    Hi all, Business and life have been a bit hectic the past few months, and I haven't had time to put complete thoughts to screen here worthy of some new topics or expanding further on past ones. Having just returned from calibrating a system using a Dolby Lake Processor controlling 2 of my...
  10. Mark Seaton

    Getting to the bottom of it all

    I thought I'd start a thread where we can collect some questions, discussions and thoughts on the deep end of the spectrum many know me for. First and foremost, while you always need to listen and check you haven't missed something audible obvious, in small rooms, if you aren't measuring...
  11. Mark Seaton

    Is this thing on?

    Hi All, Looking forward to some fun discussion here. Fire away. :cool:

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