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    Tune Audio Anima

    Don’t know Klipsch, but Anima is a great speaker. Offer a lot for the price also Vess
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    More black is even more beautiful - Aries Cerat Impera II / Concero Ref 65 with Wolf von Langa Son and Chicago

    Impressed to say at least, by the tests with AC Genus and WVL speakers, I went early to work and started new tests with Impera II preamp and Concero Ref 65, driving WVL Son / Chicago. I had great expectations, but result surpassed them in a fabulous way. The Son sounded like bigger speaker with...
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    Black is beautiful - Aries Cerat Genus with Wolf von Langa Son / Chicago

    I forgot the most important thing - you see this very rarely. The Aries Cerat owner Stavros did not interfere in any way in my writings, despite "obvious" mistake. I mean he knows his products, and can't imagine LE system sound inferior compared to less expensive components. Yet, he waited...
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    Black is beautiful - Aries Cerat Genus with Wolf von Langa Son / Chicago

    Hi Francisco, I am late to answer, as I felt obliged to listen to Kassandra LE, Impera LE, new Exsequor with wolf von Langa Chicago, before replying. First, sincere apologies to all who may be fooled by my writing. Apologies to Stavros, owner of Aries Cerat for possible harm of brand image. It...
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    Black is beautiful - Aries Cerat Genus with Wolf von Langa Son / Chicago

    I will investigate further and report. I guess I didn’t wait for system to warm up. It was nothing wrong, I just was not moved. And stopped the test early may be. I have done this mistake - not to give the system enough time to settle. The Concero with Impera II are driving both WVL Son and...
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    Black is beautiful - Aries Cerat Genus with Wolf von Langa Son / Chicago

    Strangely enough, top AC LE system ... Can't tell why, but it happens pretty often - systems should sound excellent on paper, just don't in the real world. Of course, I prefer to match Genus with WVL, than top AC ... So, I am very happy By the way, LE system does wonders with YG Anat III
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    Black is beautiful - Aries Cerat Genus with Wolf von Langa Son / Chicago

    Black is back, with a vengeance. Earlier attempts to match AC with Wolf von Langa speakers were fruitless. Perfect pair on paper, mediocre in reality. People who know me well, recognize I never give up. So, I patiently waited for Genus ( nick name Genius ) to arrive, I have faith it will make it...
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    Oh my, oh my - Aries Cerat Helene DAC

    I was asking myself same question, when I listened to Helene, before receiving the Kassandra II. The former sounded so good, I was wondering how the latter would fit in the range. From the second I heard Kassandra II, everything was clear. However good is Helene, and it is crazy good, the...
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    Oh my, oh my - Aries Cerat Helene DAC

    Interesting question, I will answer shortly
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    Glorious integrated revolution - Genus from Aries Cerat

    Well, nothing prepared me for Genus. I knew it is good, I knew it is excellent, I have heard it is killer amp, yet nothing compares to listening. How come this “little” baby sounds this extraordinary !? This really is end game amplifier for many, for most audiophiles on a budget. So real, so...
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    Concero Ref 65 monoblocks - golden ratio within Aries Cerat range

    Another AC beauty - Concero 65 arrived in Sofia. As usually it was connected within hours to nice system - Helene, Impera II, YG Anat III Signature speakers. I have experienced AC LE electronics with those speakers. Best sound from YG we got. Again and again every new AC product proves...
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    Oh my, oh my - Aries Cerat Helene DAC

    Guys, make yourself a favor, find out where to listen to Aries Cerat Helene. It is not just another DAC, it is music making machine. Very rare animal. Worth extra effort to listen to. My 2c. Vess
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    Kassandra Reference Mk2 - Ode to Joy

    As you know we have full LE system, except for the Talos LE. We have already Incito S and Impera II. We even have Helene, I am in love with. Yet, nothing prepared me for Kassandra Reference II. How is this possible... the moment you think you figured it out, Stavros comes up with another trump...
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    Ianus Monos

    Patience is a virtue, please wait a bit. Coming soon. vess
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    Story of two preamps - Incito S and Impera II

    While waiting for Talos LE to make our demo LE system complete, we received Impera II and Incito S preamps. What a joy: the former joined MSB DIamond IV DAC, Thales Compact II TT, Thoeress phono, Lamm ML 2.0 monos ( twenty years old, smoked 10 set of tubes ), Wolf von Langa Son speakers. Impera...
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    Oh my, oh my - Aries Cerat Helene DAC

    My bad, apologies. Will fix shortly. EUR 13k in Europe.
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    Oh my, oh my - Aries Cerat Helene DAC

    I can't stay silent - today we received Helene DAC, "baby" DAC from Aries Cerat. What a baby, what a beauty. From the very fist second the sound was sublime, digital rarely gets better than this - in form of Kassandra DAC only probably. I am not saying this lightly, just compare Helene to all...
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    Munich High End 2019

    Top 3 at Munich - Aries Cerat big system far ahead, Wold von Langa Son with Primary Control and Air Tight second, YG towers with Nagra third. WE for the first time very good with certain music. Joseph Audio always excellent. My 2p I am distributor of Aries Cerat and Wolf von Langa for a...
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    Full Aries Cerat Limited Edition system on constant demo in Sofia, Bulgaria

    Hello from Sofia, Bulgaria. We have full top Aries Cerat system on constant demo: Kassandra LE, Impera II LE, Exsequor II , Symphonia LE. We can hardly believe what sound, or should I say music, is coming out of it. Pure music and emotion, food for your heart and soul. Waiting patiently for...
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    Tone Audio: Amp of the Year 2017: CJ ART 150 (Review)

    Hi, we just did that. simply stunning. Driving the Isis the right way. Perfect integration - top to bottom. You need to hear the low end to believe. And these are difficult speakers to drive. Vess
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    Russian made gear

    Angel is Bulgarian, not Russian.
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    Avalon Saga & new Sentinel

    Robert, would you elaborate ? Thanks Vess
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    Avalon Saga & new Sentinel

    And the price ?
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    Power cord for AR Reference 2 Phono

    Hi, I would try Transparent MM2 or Kubala Sosna Elation. Both excelelnt with ARC. Vess
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    Trinity DAC

    Hi, I have read rave reviews of TIM Reference USB cable from Abslolue Creations. On Trinity DAC and PC & Drive. Only reading though. Vess
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    Death of a Sales Model, my latest article on The High Fidelity Report

    Hi, it kind of makes logic for cheap low end products to sell directly. But, being a distributor, the calculations in the article are very wrong and perception, base on those claculations is very misleading. There is no margin of 70% for distributors, never ! In most cases 50% nowadays. So...
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    Avalon Tesseract

    Where Roysen ?
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    Msb m202

    I can only agree about MSB monos. Beautiful sound and work incredibly well with Avalons. Vess
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    Is there a best Cassette Deck?

    Hi, I checked almost all of the big guns - Studer A721 is best by far. Tandberg 3014 comes second, Dragon third. Vess
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    PNWAS Presents Steve McCormack

    Hi, I wonder what amplifiers drive the Sentinel ? Vess

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