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    Alsyvox planars...prepare to sell your Magico's, YG's, Wilson's, Cessaro's. Maggie's, and all others!!

    Dr. Vinyl used a 30 W PP tube amp from McGary on his Tintorettos in a small room and I can't imagine bigger/better dynamics from them, the McGary amp is also very fast and treads the tube/SS line perfectly, a very synergistic combo.
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    GT Audio Works Planar/Ribbon Speakers and Sound Insight Open Baffle Sub Woofers

    I may be wrong, but on my GTA 2.5s the speaker terminals are directly connected to the full range magnetic planar panel and a single cap is in the path of the ribbon tweeter, there is no reason/need to bi-amp with an active crossover. The main panel does not require any crossover at all. There...
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    GT Audio Works Planar/Ribbon Speakers and Sound Insight Open Baffle Sub Woofers

    Eric's Zanden kit sounded like a perfect match with the system, see you all in Chicago.
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    GT Audio Works Planar/Ribbon Speakers and Sound Insight Open Baffle Sub Woofers

    What audio shows will GTAW speakers be attending?
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    Quest for speaker upgrade

    I agree with christoph, the German Physiks speakers are wonderful.
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    Quest for speaker upgrade

    I've heard David's Valentina recently at a friend's house in Annapolis. They are refined, coherent, and detailed, but they don't escape the box sound entirely as they have 2 cone woofers in a box, and the electroststic isn't dipolar, the back wave is captured. You might give an Emerald Physics...
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    Quest for speaker upgrade

    reverendo, Please take the time to consider the best sounding magnetic planar speaker nobody knows about, the GTA 2.5 or the current GTA 3.0 from GTAW in New Jersey. The link is; I own the GTA 2.5s, and the 3.0s are only planar w/o any built in subs. The NY audio...
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    Equi~Tech vs Torus

    Where to put CPT Balanced Power E=Q devices A quick email to CPT gave me a surprise answer, plug your PS P10 or other conditioner directly into the wall outlet, plug the E=Q into that, plug your equipment into the E=Q cord/device. This allows your equipment's transformer better use of the...
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    What cables are you using in your system ?????

    I'm not sure whether to call my CPT Equi=Core 300s cables, or conditioners. The E=Q 300 , rated for 300 watts load, is actually a Balanced Power device using a proprietary transformer to split the 120V into 2 out of phase 60V halves, and when they are recombined the non zero summed noise is...
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    AXPONA 2016 audio reviews

    Thanks Amir, I'm grateful you were able to cover so many rooms.
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    DACs Galore and Expectation Bias

    Quadman, Please detail which mods you have done, bypass/change fuse, take out transformer hardware, bypass on/off switch etc.?
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    Mini Capital Audiofest, March 5th Rockville, MD AQUA, GT Audio Works, NuPrime

    Gary Gill is hosting a Mini CAF in Rockville, MD Saturday March 5th, AQUA DAC, GTAW GTA 2.5 speakers, NuPrime ST-10 SE amp, Wells majestic Integrated amp, Clones, Hi Diamond cabling, Robson speakers, and Core Power Technologies AC conditioning. RSVP to to reserve a...
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    Chinese DAC shames a few heavy hitters

    Ric, Tell us what mods you've made and how the X20 is morphing into a real giant killer.
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    GT Audio Works GTA 2 Planar Magnetic Loudspeakers

    We were easily hitting those levels on peaks, as a line source the volume level falls off less with distance.
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    GT Audio Works GTA 2 Planar Magnetic Loudspeakers

    Please don't jump to the conclusion that Berning's 30 watter will not be enough. John, do you play rock loud, or jazz/vocals at reasonable levels? The 25 watt Class A David brought was really enough, except for the rare times you really want to jam out to a song at ear damaging levels. And...
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    GT Audio Works GTA 2 Planar Magnetic Loudspeakers

    Just had David's amps on GTA2s David Berning just visited my house bringing 2 pairs of monoblocks, his production 200 watt ZOTLs ( Class B), and a prototype Class A version on the same chassis rated at 25 watts. He hooked up an oscilloscope so we could see if the 25 watt amp was being driven...
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    GT Audio Works GTA 2 Planar Magnetic Loudspeakers

    I own an early pair of the GTA2s and love them. Magneplanar and ML fans should try to audition these and find out how much dynamic excitement they are missing. He has made some dramatic improvements to the GTA2s, and the pair that bonzo75 heard is the current design, transparent, punchy, focused...
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    Job 225

    Any new news on the JOB front, preamp, monos, etc.? Is everyone satisfied with their JOB 225s? Is the Sweetcord the P/C of choice, others considered and used?

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