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    Paul Simon - Graceland

    when i was a kid my dad used to play this record and it sounded great and i have fond memories listening to it with him recently my dad was over at my house and i ordered a couple of Paul Simon records to use on my system. The Graceland record turned up first and ive got to say it sounds so...
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    L10 landed

    Got the L10 last night and must say not many things in Hifi land exceed my expectations, but this thing is simply superb. The change in sound quality is monumental. The noise floor of my system has dropped significantly. As soon as my dealer and I got it in and switched it on everything was...
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    Calling all Ch Precision experts

    I currently use a P1 and a C1 each with their own X1. Im thinking of what to buy next and its between buying another P1 or a T1. What should i get ?
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    The Devil's Trill

    Hi all i was wondering if i could ask the community if there were any really good versions of The Devil's Trill i should seek out? I'm currently listening to this version which i love.
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    Has anyone heard the new Boulder 2108

    Hi All.. has anyone had the chance to audition the new 2108 phono from Boulder? I know its new but someone might have had a chance to see and hear it in the flesh.
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    Anyone had a chance to listen to Miyajima Destiny

    Does anyone have experience with the relatively new Miyajima Destiny cart? by all accounts it is meant to be something special - thinking of getting one.....
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    Some new Thomas Mayers arrived in the mail

    Got these little beauties today in the mail. I can't tell you how they sound as I'm waiting for my TT technician to come and fit my new cartridge to use it - hopefully Friday. Cant wait. New cartridge - New Phono what could be better!!
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    Absolare to Dartzeel - what will i gain what will i lose

    Ive been talking to my dealer and im contemplating adding the Dart pre and monos to my system of Absolare Signature pre and mono sets. I wouldn't have thought there are many or any people who have made that decision but im sure there are some who have added the Darts after tubes. What were your...
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    thx to Tang

    just wanted to say thank you to Tang. Since he posted his clips of different carts the other day featuring the music of Max Richter, i have gone out and bought a heap of his work. Just loving it
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    romantic sounding cartridge recommendations

    Hi all was wondering if anyone could recommend me a warm, romantic sounding cartridge. Budget - up to 15k . This will be used on a second TT in my system which im putting together - at this stage looking like a Transrotor Tourbillion with a TriPlanar U12 arm. Music is mainly female vocals...
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    where to next from AMG Viella V12

    i currently use an AMG Viella V12 with the turbo version of the 12inch arm - cart is a DS Audio Master 1 i am just thinking if i was to upgrade my TT where would i go? I love the sound of my current set up but is it possible to get more? I dont want a more analytical detailed sound, but...
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    Magico S Sub

    Hi all got an S Sub the other day and got to say im loving it. Its for my living room HT system not my main stereo. And it came after a Sunfire sub, then a Marten Sub. the way this sub pressurises the room is like nothing ive had before its just brilliant. It gives a solidity to the sound...
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    Modwright vs AudiaFlight power amps

    I know its a strange comparison, but has anyone ever compared a MW amp to an Audia Flight amp? In my specific case im replacing some class d amps that drive the 3 front channels of my HT with something warmer and more analogue sounding. These 2 brands pooped up as providing some nice warm...
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    DS Audio Master1 - new cartridge and phono

    I put this into my system last week and the result have been fantastic. After a couple of days of "tightness' its starting to settle in and the sound is magnificent. It open and broad with a soundstage that just dwarfs anything ive heard before in my system. In fact it sounds so good ive...
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    Christmas goodies - my first ever TT

    HI guys Father Christmas visited my house with a few goodies, and so i have a TT for the first time in my life. Quite frankly im loving it. Have a question to all the vinyl people - how/what should i do re cleaning regime? Should i wipe with a cloth? Brush with a carbon fibre brush or buy...
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    Zanden 9600 monos - calling jazzhead

    Just want to seek some opinions from others as to the sound/characteristics of the Zanden 9600 mk 2 mono's , especially from Jazzhead who would have heard them with Marten Coltrane 2s and i have coltrane 3s my main question with these (i haven't heard them) is do i want to move away from SET...
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    Lamm Set vs Ayon Set. Has anyone compared?

    Hi all i am trying to decide between the Lamm ML2.2 and L2.1 Ref, and a correspondingly similar although higher power offering from Ayon e.g.: Vulcan Evo and Polaris. given my location i won't be able to audition either prior to purchase, however i will say that i recently had a Viva...

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