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  1. Rocoa

    Super3 - a supercapacitor LPS, by Farad Power Supplies

    I’m using Furutech DPS 4.1 with FI-50 NCF plugs. Very happy with the performance.
  2. Rocoa

    Furutech Pure Power 6E NCF

    An excellent cable for power purposes. I've installed one of the dedicated lines in my new house with this cable.
  3. Rocoa

    Good DAC/Preamp for actives ATC SCM50 ASLT?

    I have obtained excellent results with ATC SCM 20 actives using a Jeff Rowland preamp. I have also enjoyed a lot at a friend's house listening his ATC 100 actives with a Rowland preamplifier. All the best.
  4. Rocoa

    Super3 - a supercapacitor LPS, by Farad Power Supplies

    I have many power supplies and with the Farad Super 3 the sound is more rounded. On the other hand the sound of iFi Power Elite is more exciting, faster if possible. Both are good options. Perhaps the iFi is more appropriate for digital devices like the router.
  5. Rocoa

    Super3 - a supercapacitor LPS, by Farad Power Supplies

    I'm affraid that only burn in the Furutech NCF inlet implies some weeks.
  6. Rocoa

    DOEPKE Residual Current Circuit Breaker AUDIO GRADE

    I know that feeling very well and it is exasperating. But patience has a prize, you know.
  7. Rocoa

    DOEPKE Residual Current Circuit Breaker AUDIO GRADE

    Keep your system 24/7 ON please.
  8. Rocoa

    DOEPKE Residual Current Circuit Breaker AUDIO GRADE

    Be patient as it is my experience and the many friend who instaled the Doepke. The wait is worth it;)
  9. Rocoa

    Circuit Breaker vs Fuses

    Me and many friends too. The same perception.
  10. Rocoa

    Cardas Audio cables

    In my opinion Cardas power cords are not in the same league as their Clear interconnects and speaker cables.
  11. Rocoa

    Cardas Audio cables

    I'm afraid I can't answer because, as you know, it depends, in addition to the time of use, on the intensity of the current that passes. However, they will improve after a few weeks of use, with the relevant ups and downs in sound performance. Be patient and you will end up enjoying the best...
  12. Rocoa

    Cardas Audio cables

    You culd perceive sound compression during some time of the burn in process. more than 300 hours perhaps.
  13. Rocoa

    Wadax Reference Dac and Server arrive

    I like very much the Nordost QPoint with my datTZeel 108 too.
  14. Rocoa

    installing 7 Furutech GTX-D NFC (R) outlets this morning

    Hello, I have some FI 50 NCF IEC connectors with this golden colour too. No problem.
  15. Rocoa

    Cardas Audio cables

    No doubt. Cardas Clear has more resolution than Clear Reflection and you will have Cardas musicality.
  16. Rocoa

    Jeff Rowland 625 S2 compared to 725 S2

    I have the 625 S2 and Corus preamp+PSU it sounds fantastic with my Avalon and ATC speakers. I encourage you to try the Corus PSU. The sound improvement is not subtle.
  17. Rocoa

    iFi audio iPower X: The Official Thread

    Hello, I'm really happy with the performance. Regarding the booster is perceived a "faster sound". It certainly works very well, no doubt.
  18. Rocoa

    iFi audio iPower X: The Official Thread

    Hello, I have several of these and I was surprised by the improvements made with this little device. I received the new power supply from this brand today, the iFi audio Power Elite. I'm going to compare it to others I use, like Farad, Qualia Physic, S Booster, Uptone Ultracap, etc. I...
  19. Rocoa

    DOEPKE Residual Current Circuit Breaker AUDIO GRADE

    Yes, when we've noticed it many times, we end up naturalizing it. But there's no doubt it's not easy to understand
  20. Rocoa

    DOEPKE Residual Current Circuit Breaker AUDIO GRADE

    Alchemist, You should be patient. When you get back from your trip you'll see the change and enjoy listening to the sound enhancement.
  21. Rocoa

    Is sighted bias ever OK?

    I've owned these headphone amplifier years ago. Vey neutral and I sold it quickly because I got better options to my taste.
  22. Rocoa

    Siltech Octopus Eight

    Thank you for the images. A true star configuration, as it should be! Y suposse that the wires under the heatshrink are crimped. It is much better than solded. If you look at it you will be able to see the hexagonal shape of the grimped cap.
  23. Rocoa

    MCB & other Breakers : Not to be ignored when perfecting audio powerlines

    Yes, the blue cable is neutral in Spain too.
  24. Rocoa

    Super3 - a supercapacitor LPS, by Farad Power Supplies

    I'm using a Farad super 3 with rhodium IEC and SR Orange fuse + CC Power Cable Level 2 upgrade copper (I don't like silver). It outperforms many other power supplies I have. Until recently it was plugged with Harmonic Technology power cord (Furutech FI-50 NCF plugs). I replaced this power cord...
  25. Rocoa

    Chick Corea, winner of 23 Grammy Awards, dies at age 79

    My jazz craziness began listening to his project Return to Forever. Since then he has accompanied me in many listening sessions, and also live shows. In recent times I've really enjoyed with the latest trio, with McBride and Brian Blade. We'll miss him for sure. RIP.
  26. Rocoa

    Measuring EMF - the TriField TF2 meter

    I have one of these too. A vey useful device!
  27. Rocoa

    Furutech NCF is impressive!

    Yes, without a doubt. Right now I have 14 NCF Booster Singal and 8 NCF Booster located in the IEC and schuko plugs. BTW, I have a Rowland Corus and 625 S2 just like you, in addition to the Aeris and PSU feeded both DAC and Corus. I'm using them as cable elevators too, along with Shunyata Dark...
  28. Rocoa

    Five favorite tweaks

    Gregadd, I think all these adjustments have been addressed in this forum except perhaps the Nordost Q Point. I am very happy with the performance of this device at the power stage. So much so that I'm going to add two more to the system. Its effect produces fluidity and coherence in the...
  29. Rocoa

    Five favorite tweaks

    Perhaps my favourite tweaks at this moment: 1.- Nordost QKore 2.- Acoustic Revive, Ultra Low-frequency Pulse Generator R-777 3.- Nordost QV, QK and QX 4.- Taiko Audio Daiza platforms and Stillpoints 5.- Furutech NCF Booster and NCF Booster Signal 6.- Nordost Q Point 8.-...

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