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    New Piano Trio Tapes Coming Soon!

    After 2+ yrs of this pandemic, I was very happy to finally have my dream piano trio concert this past weekend with Alena Baeva, Narek Hakhnarzaryan and Vadym Kholodenko, all winners of the Grand Prize in the top competitions in the world. The Weiniawski, Tchaikovsky and Van Cliburn competitions...
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    Video of Shostakovich Cello Sonata by Narek Hakhnazaryan & Ben Smith

    Outstanding Shostakovich by Narek & Ben - IMHO there is no cellist who can match Narek in this Russian repertoire... Please have a listen from 10:00-12:32... amazing musicality Link to 15 ips 2 track tape recording of this live concert...
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    Video of Narek Hakhnazaryan playing Asturias

    This from an early concert by cellist Narek Hakhnazaryan & Benjamin Smith. It's on a tape with 2 great Tchaikovsky pieces: Nocturne & Pezzo Capriccioso...
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    UltraAnalogue Recordings - 2 new solo piano tapes of Van Cliburn winner, Vadym Kholodenko

    I'm very happy to announce the release of 2 new solo piano tapes by Vadym Kholodenko, on the website very soon! It's repertoire rarely heard: 1) Schubert Piano Sonata No.7 D.568 and Skoryk Melody (with Alena Baeva) 2) Prokofiev Four Pieces Op.32 and Piano Sonata No.7 Op.83 These are my 1st...
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    New Review from The Reel to Reel Rambler, David Denyer of 2 UltraAnalogue Recordings tapes!

    Here's a review of 2 Schubert tapes! Enjoy Ed
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    Amazing live stream concert by Alena Baeva & Vadym Kholodenko

    I know this is not about tape, but I heard this amazing live stream concert yesterday by Alena & Vadym from Warsaw Poland... Lots of avantegarde music but please have a listen to the 1st piece by Beethoven... I've never heard it before but please use a good pair of headphones. You will not hear...
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    Concerts are starting again! Alena Baeva, live stream from Luxembourg yesterday!

    I watched this live stream from Luxembourg yesterday: Amazing music, performance, video & sound! Alena plays the Saint-Saens Introduction & Rondo Capriccioso starting at 42:09 She also plays a fantastic encore at 1:15:20 So happy to...
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    New article, in Positive Feedback on UltraAnalogue Recordings

    I'm happy to share this article from Positive Feedback's Issue 115, May - June 2021 Ed
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    New UltraAnalogue tape/download

    I’m happy to release a recording of solo piano & 2 beautiful Clarinet pieces...
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    UltraAnalogue Recordings wins Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Award, 2020

    I'm very happy to announce UltraAnalogue Recordings won a Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Award, 2020 from Myles Astor, for a tape by star cellist Narek Haknazaryan and Noreen Polera Ed
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    Review of 2 new UltraAnalogue Recordings tapes

    New review from Steve Deckert of Decware: 1) Beethoven Cello Sonata No.5 - Narek Hakhnazaryan (cello) and Noreen Polera (piano) 2) Mendelssohn Violin Concerto - Alena Baeva (violin) and Vadym Kholodenko (piano) Enjoy Ed
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    New Review from the Reel-To-Reel Rambler, David Denyer, of star violinist Alena Baeva's tapes!

    David Denyer's review of Alena Baeva's first recordings with UltraAnalogue Recordings Enjoy Ed
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    New Review & Comments on the "Tatsuki Narita" tape by audiophile, extraordinare Mike Malinowski

    Ed, Listened again last night. This time relaxing with my wife, a glass of wine and the lights out. I find that listening in the dark sharpens the senses and allows a clearer focus on the music. Even though I have heard a few of the Tatsuki Narita tapes, I was unprepared for both the majesty...
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    UltraAnalogue Recordings to offer Digital Downloads

    UltraAnalogue Recordings has been recording classical chamber music on 15 ips tape for about 10 years. And offering only tape copies... Many posts in WBF in the Analogue Tape Forum... There are numerous Sample videos with the analogue tape recording at the...
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    UltraAnalogue Recordings to offer digital downloads of selected tapes.

    I'm happy to announce I'm starting to offer selected tapes for digital download in 2 formats: DSD128 and 24/192kHz FLAC This "Tatsuki Narita" is the 1st to be available...more coming soon! Hope you enjoy it! Ed
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    UltraAnalogue Recordings excited to release new tape of Mendelssohn Violin Concerto with Alena & Vadym!

    Very excited to release a new tape of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto with Alena Baeva & Vadym Kholodenko! It will be paired with Tchaikovsky Melodie Both are live recordings Enjoy! Ed
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    UltraAnalogue Recordings releases 2 more tapes by star cellist Narek Hakhnazaryan

    I'm very excited to release 2 new tapes by Narek Hakhnazaryan & Noreen Polera 1) Beethoven Cello Sonata No.4 & Tsintsadze 5 Pieces in Folk Style 2) Beethoven Cello Sonata No.5 & Popper Hungarian Rhapsody
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    New videos of Tatsuki Narita & Yun-Yang Lee in Concert...

    I came across this video from 2016... some amazing playing by Tatsuki & YY... this was on my other channel & had over 10,000 hits.. Enjoy! Ed 15 ips 2 track tapes exist for this video at...
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    UltraAnalogue Recording's first solo recordings of 2013 Van Cliburn Comp. Gold Medal Winner - Vadym Kholodenko

    I'm very excited to release my first solo recordings of Vadym Kholodenko (4 tapes) - he creates a sound like no other pianist I've heard & on these tapes, it is extraordinary! Here is a taste of that concert: 1) Beethoven Bagatelles & Beethoven Rondo 2) Mozart Fantasia K.475 & Mozart Piano...
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    Reel to reel Rambler's room at the UK Hi-End Show in Ascot near London this past weekend..

    I was asked by David Denyer to be 1 of 3 tape companies to take part in his room at the Hi-End show at Ascot. It was a blast... my 1st to be part of an audio show! I played a new Sampler tape... Danse Macabre from the "Tatsuki Narita" tape was perfect... a few days before Halloween! Everyone...
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    UltraAnalogue Recordings releases 3 new tapes by star cellist Narek Hakhnazaryan & pianist Noreen Polera

    I'm very excited about these 3 new tapes by cellist Narek Hakhnazaryan since it's our 2nd recording session & this repertoire was perfect for him.... all 3 tapes were recorded LIVE. 1) Grieg: Cello Sonata in A minor, Op.36 - is rarely played but has wonderful melodies... 2) Chopin: Introduction...
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    UltraAnalogue Recordings releases 5 new tapes from star violinist Alena Baeva & pianist Vadym Kholodenko.

    I'm very excited to release my 1st recordings with Alena Baeva & Vadym Kholodenko! Alena won the Weiniawski Violin Competition at age 16, the only other to win at this young age, was the legendary Ginette Neveu in 1935... Vadym won the Van Cliburn Piano Competition in 2013. Both are renowned...
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    UltraAnalogue Recordings & star violinist Alena Baeva

    I'm very excited to let you know, star violinist Alena Baeva has joined our musical family! She was just in Toronto for 2 days to test.. (she could not belief the sound of analogue tape...) I recorded a few "Fast Food" tracks.... incredible refinement & wonderful...
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    UltraAnalogue Recordings releases 3 tapes of star cellist Narek Hakhnazaryan

    I'm very excited to release my 1st recordings of star cellist Narek Hakhnazaryan with pianist Benjamin Smith! He won the Tchaikovsky Competition in 2011 & has a worldwide career. These 3 tapes are from his recent May concert, recorded...
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    4 New UltraAnalogue Recordings tapes coming soon...

    I'm happy to announce, I had a good recording session in March that's resulted in 4 new tapes to be released on the website soon: The interesting thing this time was tweaks on the instruments & room... not the recording electronics... in fact, the "source" sound is even more important as...
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    The Absolute Sound article on UltraAnalogue Recordings - April 2017

    Jim Hannon's, (pianist, senior writer & publisher TAS..) article on UltraAnalogue Recordings.. Thank you Jim for hearing the music...! Ed
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    2 new tapes from UltraAnalogue Recordings

    I'm happy to announce the release of 2 new tapes of exciting repertoire... 1) Beethoven Violin Sonata No.3 and Ravel Tzigane 2) Schubert Grand Fantasy and The Swan By violinist Xiang Yu & pianist Yun-Yang Lee The Schubert Fantasy is known to be the most difficult piece in the whole...
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    3 new tapes released by UltraAnalogue Recordings

    I'm very happy to announce the release of 3 new tapes of the young Japanese virtuoso violinist Tatsuki Narita, with pianists Yun-Yang Lee & Mami Hagiwawa 1) Kreisler: Prelude & Allegro, Tartini: Devil's Trill, Sarasate: Carmen Fantasy 2)&3) Beethoven Violin Sonata No.9 (Kreutzer), Kroll...
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    UltraAnalogue Recordings release of 5 new tapes

    I'm very happy to let you know I've just released 5 new tapes on the website! 3 tapes with cellist Sietse-Jan Weijenberg with pianist Yun-Yang Lee: 1) Mendelssohn Cello Sonata #2 2) Beethoven Cello Sonata #2 3) Paganini Moses Variations, Schumann Fantasiestucke, Davidov & Joplin 2 tapes of...
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    New tape from UltraAnalogue Recordings

    I'm excited to let you know of a new tape to be released soon... It will feature violinist Tatsuki Narita & pianist Mami Hagiwara Tatsuki was #2 in the Queen Elizabeth Competition in Belgium 3 years ago.... many there felt he should have won... Mami was the Geneva International Piano...

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