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    Julian Test

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    WADAX dedicated forum

    As well as discussions about WADAX in the other forums, we also have a dedicated forum here for white papers and news from WADAX.
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    Sharing videos on Facebook

    Here is a test. I want to see if it will play without being logged in on Facebook.
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    Facebook videos not showing
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    Watched Threads and email notifications!

    In case any members are curious why they seem to not be getting emails more regularly on a 'watched thread' they have preset to watch. Apparently, in Xenforo, you get an email notification one time, after you set a watched thread, and when a member comments or adds new data to that thread...
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    One Man's Dream - Ken Fritz Documentary

    I gained permission to post this thread on behalf of Ken Fritz. It is a fantastic video, a real lifetime journey to create a bespoke (largely home made) end game system and music room. Personally, IMO it is one of the most enjoyable and absorbing audio build videos I have seen to date. Watch...
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    Adding Facebook video content

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    Welcome to Aqua as a What's Best Forum official sponsor!

    We heartily welcome Aqua Quality as an official sponsor to the forum. Aqua is a highly respected Italian audio company that has some fantastic products including the: Aqua Formula xHD DAC La Scala MKII DAC (with tubes) LinQ network interface La Diva CD Transport La Voce Discrete DAC All these...
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    Welcome to Joe Cohen at The Lotus Group!

    We give a big welcome to Joe Cohen at The Lotus Group for becoming a new sponsor on What's Best Forum. They have an interesting array of products, and are clearly very passionate about music and audio reproduction.
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    Munich High End Cancelled...

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    The new MSB Technology Forum

    Welcome to the new MSB Technology forum, where clients and owners can connect with the experts and designers at MSB headquarters.
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    Welcome to Triode Wire Labs

    A big welcome to Triode Wire Labs and joining What's Best Forum as an official sponsor. Here are some photos to get you started.
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    Welcome TotalDAC to What's Best Forum

    A big welcome to Totaldac, a quite unique high end brand that is joining us as an official sponsor on What's Best Forum! Famous for their superb natural sounding DACs, and more recently the all new Amp-1 power amplifier and the exciting D150 horn / dynamic speaker.
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    Welcome to AudioKinesis & James Romeyn Music and Audio!

    More information coming, watch this space....
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    What's Best Forum send out a bespoke designed Newsletter each month to our member base. It has lots of great information (all audio related topics), a selection of highlighted threads, and stories and reports from embers and industry experts. If you would like to be added to the list, please...
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    Welcome to the new Zenwave Audio forum!

    Zenwave make some amazing high quality cables, and we welcome them to the forum.
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    Sablon Audio has a dedicated forum Sablon Audio, makers of award winning audiophile cables now has a dedicated forum for in-depth discussions!
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    Welcome to the new forum for Sablon Audio

    Welcome to the new forum for Sablon Audio, manufacturer of multiple award winning artisanal high end audiophile cables.
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    Welcome to Graham Audio

    A press release
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    THE Greatest Coloratura Mezzo Soprano of all times?

    Cecilia Bartoli THE Greatest Coloratura Mezzo Soprano of all times. Truly amazing.
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    Official Thread for questions on the new Classifieds Service

    Please inform us (Admin) of any questions you may have with the new Classifieds service. Here is the Newsletter we sent out end February 2019 with instructions how to use the service. Your adverts should look like this one:
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    The Gramophone sketch

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    Our Plans for the NEW FORUM

    Hi Guys, (I am the back room boy who fixes stuff) and also known as astrostar59 when I was 'only' a member. But post in the bug thread if you have issues on the forum please. Some thoughts, we have a bug thread, and a suggestion box which is most useful. I also wanted to highlight here what...
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    An Important Announcement From Your WBF Admin Team

    To all members of Whats Best Forum......... When Amir left the administrative/ownership team of WBF, an agreement was made which allowed him one year of unrestricted membership here at Whats Best Forum. The details of this legal agreement will remain private. This aforementioned one-year...

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