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    In praise of idlers

    Marc, I have a soft spot for the Palmer 2.5. I can guess your answer but I'm interested to hear in detail the differences you recall between the Palmer and the Salvation. Thanks.
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    In praise of idlers

    Bonzo, a question - how do you rate the Feickert Firebird at its price level?
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    Thoughts on total number of steps and dB range per step in preamp volume controls.

    Marc, a couple of points from another MFA owner, who has experimented with a number of active preamps in the past. IMHO, it is an exaggeration to state that the difference between every step is 'huge'. It certainly doesn't interefere with my enjoyment of my system. Regarding dynamics...
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    tdh888's system, ,My partialy done audio room

    Thanks tdh888. Your feedback is insightful.
  5. Auditorium 23 Hommage T2 Step Up Transformer

    Auditorium 23 Hommage T2 Step Up Transformer

    I am the original owner. Mint condition. I am only selling because I have changed to a high gain tube phono stage and I'm now getting too much gain in my system. This is the best SUT I've heard. A23 Hommage SUT's are becoming more difficult and expensive to buy new. Free shipping.
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    tdh888's system, ,My partialy done audio room

    tdh888, may I ask how you rate the Kuzma Stogi REF 313VTA arm? Thanks.
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    Isolation Transformer and Balanced Power versus PS Audio Regenerator

    Ron, I have been experimenting with AC power over the last 10-12 months. Like Paul, I have found Balanced Isolation Transformers significantly superior to the Isotek Genesis Regenerator, as well as the Isotek and Nordost power conditioners that I auditioned in my home system. I won’t attempt to...
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    The Two Amigos Visit New Zealand-another 15000 Mile Epic Trip

    We in NZ have been complacent about the risk of such things reaching us. The actions of a foreign mad man have given us an almighty wake up call.
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    NAT Audio Power Conditioner

    I'm curious to know if anyone has heard and evaluated this NAT Audio Power conditioner, and has a view on it.
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    The Two Amigos Visit New Zealand-another 15000 Mile Epic Trip

    When I was a child, this glacier reached all the way down to the valley floor
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    KeithR's "Dream Speaker" Search

    Keith, I've heard the Ubiq Model 1. I can't imagine it appealing to you.
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    Greg Weaver Reviews Center Stage 2 In Positive Feedback

    I disagree with that view. I think reviewers and enthusiasts have an obligation to carefully articulate conclusions in a measured way as (1) these may influence the purchase decisions of less experienced, less wealthy enthusiasts and (2) results can vary wildly across different systems (as has...
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    Usher story and Usher owners feedback

    I have a pair of small Usher Bookshelf speakers in a 2nd AV system. They have been amazing value for money. But I have heard that Usher is no longer producing & selling speakers. Please correct me if this info is wrong.
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    Bespoke Audio TVC Passive Preamp - An Unassuming Star

    CKKeung, this is a very interesting post. What differences have you noticed between the Bespoke Copper Transformer version and the Bespoke Silver Transformer version?

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