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    New Zesto Andros Deluxe

    Launched yesterday by George on Facebook and to be showcased at RMAF.
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    Florida Audio Expo

    A new audio event has been scheduled for February of 2019 in Tampa, FL. Take a look!
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    FS: Symposium Ultra Platform

    Selling a Symposium Ultra Platform purchased exactly one year ago. This is 19" X 24" piece that I purchased directly from Symposium for my VPI Avenger. The piece is beautifully made and in perfect condition with the four couplers never used. I have the original packaging materials. MSRP for...
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    Audio Research DAC-8 (Priced to Sell!)

    Moving very soon and need to move this black ARC DAC-8. It is in fantastic condition with no scratches including factory box, manuals and accessories. MSRP - $4,995 SALE PRICE - $650
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    Question - X600.5 or XA200.5 for Revel Salon 2

    Hi, First, I'm new to this site. Really appreciate your thoughts and comments. I have a pair of Revel Salon 2s that I like very much. I'm currently driving these with an ARC class D amp - the DS450. The Pre I'm using is ARC's Ref 5SE. Under consideration are the Pass X600.5s and the...
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    Hello! Great to be here!

    Hi! My name is Mike. I live in North West Arkansas. My profession is Information Technology. I have been in this audio hobby for the last 35 years. My father introduced me to music and great audio when I was a teenager. At the time he had JBL Paragon, Marantz electronics and a Thorens...

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