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  1. Ron Resnick

    Master & Dynamic MW07 Ear Pods

    I never listen to music with headphones, and I often find Bluetooth audio a little bit annoying. Yet, there are some exercises in a gym which become cumbersome if you have a wire running from a smart phone in your pocket and then along your body up to over-the -ear headphones. It’s just a bit...
  2. Ron Resnick

    Keith Jarrett: Over the Rainbow (Tokyo 1984)

    This is pretty amazing!
  3. Ron Resnick

    AudioNec Loudspeakers

    AudioNec makes full height, partially dipole loudspeakers. Did anybody hear the Diva XL or the Neo speakers at Munich? The speakers have a very interesting full range ribbon driver of some sort, which attracted my attention. (I am always curious about very tall loudspeakers, with M-T-M driver...
  4. Ron Resnick

    G.T. Sound Horn Loudspeakers

    Does anyone know this company G.T. Sound of Japan?
  5. Ron Resnick

    Objectives of High-End Audio in Stereophile Letters to the Editor 1999

    Going through some old physical file folders I unearthed some Letters to the Editor correspondence in Stereophile from 1999. I see that my focus on the alternative objectives of high-end audio goes way back! :D
  6. Ron Resnick

    “The Road to Roberta Flack’s ‘Killing Me Softly’” in WSJ July 27, 2019

    The Road to Roberta Flack’s ‘Killing Me Softly’ The Wall Street Journal How a line from an Argentine novel and a looping playlist on a flight to L.A. helped the 1973 hit come together. Read the full story. I think this article is fun and interesting, but I hope Lori Lieberman’s quote therein...
  7. Ron Resnick

    Why Aren’t All Simple Solo Vocals Recorded in Mono?

    A high-end audio reviewer friend of KeithR, Jeff_T and mine introduced me tonight to the wonder of mono recordings. He played a female vocal with simple acoustic accompaniment (Julie London). He had the same song recorded in both mono and stereo versions. The stereo version sounded like an...
  8. Ron Resnick

    Great-Sounding Headphone Amp for About $100

    A friend has asked me to suggest a high value for dollar, good-sounding headphone amp for about $100. Unfortunately and embarrassingly I had to admit that I know absolutely nothing whatsoever about headphone amps. Please recommend a very modestly priced headphone amp. My friend has Sennheiser...
  9. Ron Resnick

    The Sound of Shimmer

    When I think of the sound of "shimmer" I think of the sound of gently bushed cymbals. But some members refer to the "shimmer" of metal ribbon drivers as an undesirable artifact of the natural operation of a metal ribbon driver. What is "ribbon cavity resonance"? I do not recall this issue...
  10. Ron Resnick

    Happy Fourth of July 2019!

    Steve and Tinka, Lola and I wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe Fourth of July!
  11. Ron Resnick

    Audiophiles in Bali, Indonesia?

    Do we have any WBF members in Bali? As long as I am here it would be fun to meet an audiophile friend.
  12. Ron Resnick

    Jamahal Private Resort in Bali, Indonesia

    After a 14 hour flight from Los Angeles to Shanghai, China, a 12 hour layover in Shanghai, during which we enjoyed a very filling tour of authentic Chinese food guided by a local, and then another six hour flight to Bali, we are relaxing in a villa at the Jamahal Private Resort. We flew on...
  13. Ron Resnick

    Videos of Acoustically-Coupled Audio Recordings

    Acoustically-coupled cell phone recordings of high-end audio systems make no sense to me personally (except in the narrow and limited scenario where an iPhone is fixed in position in a single system and the same track of music is played at the same volume and one thing (and one thing only) in...
  14. Ron Resnick

    Flemming Rasmussen’s Personal Foreword to the New Gryphon Catalog

    With Flemming’s permission here is the very personal essay he wrote as the foreword to the new Gryphon Audio Designs catalog: WHEN THE CIRCLE IS DONE When I was a small kid, perhaps 5-6 years old, in a different century, in a different world, my home was in the city of the town, a narrow...
  15. Ron Resnick

    Observations and Suggestions

    We love We only want to make this a better community for all of us collectively: better by improving understanding and communication between and among members; better by reducing avoidable frustrations and unnecessary conflicts. To this end we have a few observations and...
  16. Ron Resnick

    AudioKinesis/Duke LeJeune/James Romeyn - T.H.E. Show 2019

    Duke LeJeune and James Romeyn of AudioKinesis were exhibiting their innovative two-way horn driver/cone woofer speaker combined with Duke’s “swarm” subwoofer concept. The “swarm” uses four or more subwoofers located throughout the listening room to distribute more evenly low frequencies and...
  17. Ron Resnick

    Audio Limits/Thrax - T.H.E. Show 2019

    Audio Limits presented an almost all-Thrax system, including the Thrax Lyra/Basus loudspeaker system ($59,356). This looks like a two part speaker, consisting of a midrange - tweeter - midrange module on top of very large solid metal enclosure containing a 15 inch sealed woofer and a built-in...
  18. Ron Resnick

    Alma Music and Audio/YG/Innuous/MSB - T.H.E. Show 2019

    Alex Siufy of Alma Music and Audio in San Diego, California, put together for the show the same system he often demos in the lavishly large and well-treated main listening room at his audio salon. The streamer was the new and top-of-the-line Innuous Statement which was feeding an MSB...
  19. Ron Resnick

    MBL - T.H.E. Show 2019

    Not blessed this year with a large room, Jeremy Bryan, CEO of MBL North America, took the opportunity to showcase MBL’s second smallest speaker, the MBL 120. While not matching the thunderous dynamics of the 101E Mk. II I really enjoyed this small speaker because it had, to my ears, a smoother...
  20. Ron Resnick

    On a Higher Note/Scott Walker Audio/Gryphon Audio Designs/Magico/Synergistic - T.H.E. Show 2019

    Partnering with Scott Walker Audio, Philip O’Hanlon, the beloved impresario of On a Higher Note, and the North American distributor of Gryphon Audio Designs, hosted a room festooned with sleek black Gryphon components. Fortunate to have a large room, Philip positioned the speakers far away from...
  21. Ron Resnick

    PBN (Peter Bichel Noerbaek) Audio - T.H.E. Show 2019

    I have enjoyed several times my friend’s PBN (Peter Bichel Noerbaek) M2!5 loudspeakers, so I was curious to meet the man himself! Peter was showcasing his PBN-DN308 Groovemaster Vintage Direct Professional turntable, which is made by completely reconditioning the rare Denon and Nippon...
  22. Ron Resnick

    Joseph Cali Systems/Gryphon Audio Designs - T.H.E. Show 2019

    Joe Cali, always the consummate Master of Ceremonies who puts on a precise and enjoyable demonstration, worked sonic magic in a very cramped room. Exhibiting Gryphon Audio Designs’ stand-mounted Mojo speakers driven by Gryphon electronics Joe demonstrated why the Mojos are the exception to my...
  23. Ron Resnick

    AUDIOGEN HIGH END/Tune Audio/Wavac - T.H.E. Show 2019

    We in Los Angeles are very happy that Ibrahim Genis and Emre Korkmaz have opened AUDIOGEN HIGH END in Downtown Los Angeles, and are displaying Tune Audio loudspeakers and Wavac electronics, brands which are very rare in the United States. I like very much Wavac amplifiers, and the Wavac 833...
  24. Ron Resnick

    Rutherford Audio/Vertere Acoustics - T.H.E. Show 2019

    It was great to meet Robb Niemann of Rutherford Audio for the first time, and it was wonderful to see Touraj Moghaddam, Founder of Vertere Acoustics, in Los Angeles! Touraj was displaying his line of turntables and tonearms. The top-of-the-line RG-1 Reference Groove turntable was gleaming...
  25. Ron Resnick

    Von Schweikert Audio/Esoteric - T.H.E. Show 2019

    A surprising partnership of Esoteric and Von Schweikert Audio resulted in very nice and dynamic sound. Esoteric apparently is serious about trying to break into the high-end, and its representatives displayed five boxes of components which surely look the part! The demo employed Von...
  26. Ron Resnick

    Wilson Audio/Luxman/Innuous/MSB - T.H.E. Show 2019

    Alex and Fabio of Alma Music & Audio hosted three rooms. Wilson Audio TuneTots fronted the smallest of Alma’s systems on display. The TuneTots were driven by the Luxman 509 Integrated amplifier. An Innuous ZEN Mk3 streamed music to an MSB Discrete DAC with full power supply. I...
  27. Ron Resnick

    Branko Sound - T.H.E. Show 2019

    At every show I attend I hope to be delighted by some wonderful sonic surprise. This year I was happy to have discovered Branko Atanackovic, proprietor of Branko Sound, of Carlsbad, California. Branko reconditions the horn and paper cone drivers of the Altec 19, a vintage, two-way horn speaker...
  28. Ron Resnick

    Evolution Acoustics/darTZeel/Wave Kinetics/Durand - T.H.E. Show 2019

    Jonathan Tinn, Kevin Malmgren and Joël Durand hosted Blue Light Audio’s and The Audio Association’s room, which was fronted by the Evolution Acoustics EXACT Series - Maestoso loudspeakers ($18,900). The darTZeel NHB-108 Model Two stereo amplifier ($44,000) and an NHB-18NS MK. II preamplifier...
  29. Ron Resnick

    United Home Audio/Audio Solutions/Vitus — T.H.E. Show 2019

    Usually collaborating with Jeremy and Tara of MBL North America this year Greg Beron, owner of United Home Audio, partnered with Ozment of High End By Oz, a well-respected Los Angeles dealer. UHA transforms Tascam reel-to-reel tape decks into state-of-the-art reproducers and recorders. Oz...

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