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    OMG - have you seen those Magnepans !?

    Beautiful fit and finish. Best looking Magnepans I've ever seen. Is anyone at Magnepan watching?
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    CH Precision at RMAF 2019

    Thanks Ralph. Have a good show! I'm skipping this year. Planning to do Munich next year.
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    New sound room woes

    I went from an LS27 to a Ref 5SE a few years back. This was a significant step forward in resolution, music presentation and better bottom end. Of course, the current model is the Ref 6 which is a terrific pre.
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    The Show 2019-Steve's Photos

    Steve - Thx for covering and sharing the photos. Mike
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    My new article on the WAMM Master Chronosonic Demo

    Jim - At AXPONA, Larry’s Paragon team featured the new Momentum HD Pre with the Relentless amps and the Wilson Alexx’s. I spent some time discussing the new HD with Bill McKiegan of D’Agostino. It sounded terrific. Mike PS - I realize this was a different presentation but was addressing Jim’s...
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    Lumin X1

    Congrats! The Lumin app is easier but Roon can be more informative and a bit more elegant. In any event, you have choices!
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    Lumin X1

    Lumin products do need either a computer in the home running Roon or a Roon Nucleus. Not a big deal as long as the computer is connected to the network. The operation between Roon and Lumin is quite seamless and super easy. PS - While I have Roon setup, I mostly use the Lumin app.
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    Lumin X1

    Sujay - I owned a Bryston BDP-2. It was (is) a fine sounding digital music player. However, I was never pleased with the application user interface. Several years ago, I decided to sell the BDP-2 and replaced it with the "all in one" Lumin S1. The S1 sounded better than the Bryston BDP-2 -...
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    Gryphon at AXPONA 2019

    Impressive room Phillip. Congrats! Too bad your next door neighbors were playing music too loud to properly enjoy the Gryphon setup.
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    Magico M3 and M2 construction

    I listened to the M2 multiple times at AXPONA and was very impressed. The CH Precision amps were a very good match for the speaker.
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    Are the "Cheaper" MSB models the best digital?

    I had the Premier for a few days at my home. It is a terrific DAC with the renderer. I did not buy it but really liked it a lot.
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    Lumin X1 flagship server/dac

    I had the Lumin S1 and recently replaced it with the X1. The X1 has a fuller musical presentation than the S1. It remains very transparent with very good detail and excellent bottom end. And, like other Lumins, it is well made, looks great, extremely easy to setup and use. Lastly, Lumin has...
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    CH Precision at AXPONA 2019

    Outstanding presence Ralph! See you in a couple of weeks!
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    Axpona 2019 Bending Wave events schedule

    I will definitely come over for a listen and to say hi. You have put together quite a team and equipment for the event. Looking forward to the experience. Also, Ralph is a good friend of mine.
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    ULTRA 55 - features

    That is an impressive showing you have planned for Axpona. Look forward to visiting your rooms.
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    Axpona 2019

    What’s your room number? I’ll stop by to listen and say hello.
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    ULTRA 55 - features

    Will the Ultra 55 be at AXPONA?
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    Doshi Stereo Amplifier Arrived

    Congratulations! Nick’s gear is terrific. And, he’s also a good guy.
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    First real review - Wilson Alexia 2

    The combination of Wilson and Constellation works very well. I've heard Constellation electronics with Wilson Alexias with excellent results. I own D'Agostino electronics and Wilson Alexias which is also an excellent combination of components.
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    VPI 3D Tonearm Upgrade

    The Fatboy is a very nice upgrade. VPI was running a tone arm trade in program last year (not sure if the program remains in place) that made this upgrade reasonably inexpensive. I did the upgrade for my VPI Avenger and I'm very happy with the results.
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    Wilson Audio Maintenance

    Thx for sharing! And, great to see you posting again Debbie!
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    Well, how do they sound after the upgrade?
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    Which rack i can buy???????????????

    I use the Artesania Exoteryc with the turntable platform and a separate amp stand. It has been a terrific rack and amp stand. I previously used Symposium. I would happily own either.
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    Wilson Audio Maxx 3 arrived !

    Congratulations! They look great!
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    D'Agostino Momentum preamplifier

    HighEnd - I hope your dealer is helping you on this issue.
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    Anyone hear the 30.7? Impressions? Make sense to spend THAT Money on a Magnepan?

    DaveyF - Glad you had a better experience than we did in Tampa. I took pictures (now deleted) of people getting on their knees to try to listen to the speakers as if they were in a chair - nuts! Ultimately, some of us moved a couple of chairs to the center of the room for better listening...
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    Anyone hear the 30.7? Impressions? Make sense to spend THAT Money on a Magnepan?

    I attended the 30.7 demo in Tampa, FL with high expectations. It was an ackward demo in that Wendell would not allow attendees to sit and listen; senseless approach! He specifically asked people to walk around in order to appreciate the speaker dispersion capabilities. Most of us sit down at...

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