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    Anyone ever use "Soundproof" room dividers?

    Hello, I'm curious if anyone has experience you could share on using the above mentioned devices and if there are any pitfalls to watch out for when considering such a product? I see that these things come in many forms (ie..heavy curtains/drapes,solid folding walls..etc). My preference would...
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    Am I alone in leaving my Pass Labs Amp on 24/7/365 (Except During Storms)?

    Hello, I'm curious if any other owners are doing the same thing or not? I'm in the camp who believes power cycling is worst/harder on equipment than just leaving it run at all times but I'm open to hear thoughts on why this may be a bad idea. I haven't really crunched the numbers yet to see...
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    Question for those with external subs

    Hello, I'm curious if those with external subs have found the need to adjust their output level on an ongoing basis while listening to various types of music or if you have managed to find one setting that works in all cases no matter what type of music you listen to? I've heard that it...
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    Questions About Monoblock Amplifier Stands/Racks/Platform Materials

    Hello, I'm considering the purchase of some stands for my Monoblock amps and am leaning towards going the DIY route for various reasons but am not fully married to that idea yet. Its certainly not price based because some of the options I'm considering aren't exactly cheap when all the...
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    Who REALLY makes the cables - For "Fill in the Blank" Audiophile Brand?

    Hello, I often wonder how many, out of the hundreds of high end brand offerings available, are actually %100 made by the companies who bring them to market? By this I mean a cable made solely in house, creating the conductors, twisting, jacketing and terminating the wires by their own...
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    Impressions, XP30 or AR REF6 PREAmp paired with PASS XA.8 Mono Amps

    Hello, Wondering if anyone has had the pleasure of hearing these these two PREAmps paired with the XA.8 amps from Pass? If so, what were your thoughts? I'm getting close to pulling the trigger on one of these PRE Amps to pair with my PASS XA60.8 Monos using Magico S3 MKI speakers and its not...
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    Someone please school me on the differences - Need vrs Want & SQ Diff of both(Watts)

    Hello, I've recently aquired a new toy that I am using as a Guiena Pig to determine how many "Pass Labs" Watts I really need to support my listening habits and speaker of choice. The "toy" I am speaking of is a Pass Labs XA30.5 Stereo Amp. The speakers are Magico S3's. It's kind of...
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    Benefits & Drawbacks of High Capacitance Speaker Cables

    Hello, I was curious to hear what some of the benefits and drawbacks are with using a speaker cable that has a higher then normal capacitance specification per/ft? I'm in the process of shopping for a new set of cables and I have so far only demo'd several cables from the Cardas line. By far...
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    Probably a silly question - Does an aluminum speaker cabinet attract more noise?

    Hello, I wonder what folks thoughts are on this topic. Is it possible for an aluminum cabinet to attract EMI/RFI/EMF noise compared to say a wood or other non conductive enclosure material? If so, is there such a thing as someone "grounding" a speaker cabinet to earth to eliminate such things...
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    CJF's ZERO WAF 2ch Channel Rig & Room

    Hello, I decided it was time to share a few pics of my system and listening room which is, clearly, still awaiting finishing touches. Priorities to work on the WAF factor always seem to take a back seat to acquiring more gear but I'm perfectly fine with that. It all looks the same once the...
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    Am I the only one who thinks Red Book is better than HiRez?

    Hello, I purchase a fair bit of music on a monthly basis, mostly from one of the few remaining brick and mortar music stores left standing in my area. I should mention that I only purchase " Used" CD's. I specificly target CD's created prior to Y2K or thereabouts because IME they seem to be...
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    shunyata venom defender - theory of operation

    Hello, I'm thinking of picking up a few of these devices to give them a try but have a few questions on how they operate. 1. In terms of the noise filter they include, when plugged into an available receptacle of a standard duplex outlet in the wall, how is potential noise attracted to this...
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    Best way to connect a Bi-Wire Capable Amp with a Non-Bi-Wire Capable Speaker

    Hello, My apologies up front if this is not the proper forum location for this topic but after a few rounds of head banging I took a gamble and started the topic here as it seemed to make the most sense. Mods..Please move if you disagree So my question is this, if you have a Mono amplifier...
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    Can an otherwise good speaker cable be ruined by the connector?

    So I've recently found myself in need to purchase a slightly longer set of speaker cables to avoid the need to purchase a far more expensive power cord. I'm a DIY type of guy for the most part and when ever possible. During my search for a speaker cable (bulk) I found that there is an obsene...
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    Anyone successfully pairing a non Magico sub with their Magico speakers?

    Hello, I'm strongly considering the purchase of either the Magico S3 or S5 in the very near future and was curious if any subs on the market could be considerd fast enough to match well with, mainly the S3, as I suspect a sub may not be needed with the S5 except for maybe cleaning up room...
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    Should I be depressed that my headphone cans sound better than my main speakers?

    I've recently picked up a set of Mr. Speakers Alpha Prime cans to use mainly at work. I'm using the cans in balanced mode in combination with a Pono Player and Moon Audio Blue Dragon cable. The sound of this combo is nothing short of startling despite the Pono player being a little...
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    Why the shortage of none HT based Pre-amps with multiple Pre-outs or Sub-outs

    Been digging around for the last month or so looking for alternative ways to integrate a sub or two into my dedicated 2 channel rig by way of PreAmp only without the need for adding more boxes that use A/D conversion to the signal chain. To my dismay this has been more difficult then...
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    XTZ Room Analyzer Measurement Results -- Thoughts?

    Hello, Did a bit of toying around with XTZ this past weekend for the first time in my listening room. I'm actually pleasantly surprised by the results but I did keep my expectations fairly low not knowing how the room would measure considering zero treatments, very little furniture and one...
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    XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro Question

    Hello, Can anyone who has used this device tell me if I should expect to hear sounds thru both Left & Right loudspeakers when performing Room sweep and White noise calibration tests? My unit came with an RCA Y-Splitter that goes into the Preamp Inputs but I am only hearing sounds from the...
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    Speaker Wire Gauge & its effect on bass output

    Hello, I recently performed a few tests of two different speaker cables in my system to try and determine which one provides the most accurate, true to source sound. The first pair of speaker cables are ones that I have lived with for a few years and could be considered to lean towards the...
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    Whats the general feeling on Hi-End brands that have moved production overseas.

    Hello, I'm curious to hear others opinions on well respected, primarily North American brands that have chosen to move their production lines overseas. Would you still consider buying their premium priced gear at the same premium price now that it's no longer made in North America? Being...
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    Speaker placement compromises in a less than perfect room

    Hello, I have the opportunity to place speakers in a room almost anywhere I choose but the room in question is not what I would consider ideal by audiophile standards. The room itself is a total of 24' long and for roughly half of that length it measures 15' wide but the other half is only 12'...
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    Balanced XLR cables/Long Run/Audiophile Grade - but not priced as such

    Hello, I am about to undergo the daunting task of reconfiguring my listening space. The idea to do this was brought on by a separate project (new hardwood going down) which will require me to disrupt the whole listening space anyway so I figured why not take advantage of the opportunity and...

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