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    Crackle in the left channel of my Gryphon Colosseum

    I've thought about using piano removal firm should the need ever arise. I was impressed by how well they transported a piano we sold so a Gryphon amp should be no problem and they are used to handling with care
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    Gryphon Apex & Commander

    Thanks for sharing that. I'm a little surprised at the choice of front end . Is streaming that good nowadays to show what the Apex is capable of ?
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    Gryphon cone footers

    Yes very helpful thanks - I couldn't find anything out there about the differences they made. So with the Pantheons do you unscrew the flat footers that came with them and replace them with the spikes ? I would need 2 sets Did you get a chance to compare with the Atlas spikes ?
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    Gryphon cone footers

    Is that the Black Spike ST ? What sort of floor or covering do you have ? Can you say what difference the footers have made ? Many thanks in advance
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    Make way, the big boy is here.

    Yes -having spent a lifetime upgrading and swapping hi-fi components to solve 'problems' it was a huge relief to discover Gryphon . It just sounds so natural and viscerally exciting . Expensive yes but cheaper in the long run
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    Harmonic Resolution Systems or Grand Prix Audio ?

    Very hard to compare these racks here in the UK so I wonder if anyone has gone from one to the other and why? Many thanks in advance for any replies
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    The Incredible Importance of Fine tuning (to me)

    I would recommend Jim Smith Get Better Sound . I must admit I found the nearly 300 page book and 3 DVDs a bit daunting and it took me a while to get round to it. However the results have been amazing and well worth the time and effort involved. I realise now I had just been tinkering round the...
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    Can my proposed new room work?

    Hmm probably equivalent to a pre-amp upgrade. The sound was more full bodied with more 'snap' and a sense of rightness . Hard to describe really but for the cost of the package (discounted now as Through the Sound Barrier coming out) , laser measure and Chieftains CD Tears of Stone it was...
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    Can my proposed new room work?

    Well I was a bit sceptical initially but I thought I would give it a go. It took about a week to work my way through it , it's not easy. However it did make a huge difference to presence , dynamics and tone even though the speakers weren't moved that far from their original position. It's not...
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    Can my proposed new room work?

    I would recommend Jim Smith "Get Better Sound " book and DVDs in the first instance. It's a shame not to use the main lounge ...
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    Here's a link
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    New Spectral 200S power amp released

    Thanks for that. Just trying to work out what the suffix S means . Is it different to previous Universal amps? Presume there will still be the requirement for Spectral/MIT cables
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    Phono Preamp to match with Spectral Gear

    My Naim Superline with Supercap (non DR) works really well with my 15SS. I tried the Supercap power supply DR upgrade but found it dark and lacking in dynamics
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    Spectral dma 260 hum

    This hum issue is dragging on a bit.It seems the domestic amp at 120v works fine in the USA. I presume Spectral have tried using a step down voltage converter from 240v-120v for the European market. Is there any reason why that wouldn't work?

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