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    Ageto Gen 3 Inverted Triode pre-amplifier. Debut at Munich 2022

    Hello guys The Ianus Series got it's pre-amplifier, the Ageto. Based on our long lived Inverted Triode technology, now on Gen 3, this design is something else. Shipping out a unit straight to Munich, see and hear the Ageto in Atrium 4.2 / E213 at this year's High End show, 19-22 May Cheers
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    Aurora speaker...coming up

    Hello gents Video from final auditions of the Aurora.Soon to hit the shows... Cheers Stavros
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    The Contendo II is here, my quest is ...over?

    Establishing the company 12 years back, with a sole purpose of creating the Contendo MK1, what is IMVHO the best speaker out there. In Feb 2010, I had no idea how big, complicated and elaborate this project would be. From the creation and design of our electronics, for the task of helping us...
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    It is coming...

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    Review of Helene and Incito S , from Hi Fi Advice

    Our Helene and Incito S just got a fantastic review from Hi Fi Advice. ""Not only did the tube combo match the twice as expensive CH DAC in nearly every aspect, it even improved on it in two very important areas."" " It simply does it all while introducing virtually no character of its own. It...
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    Talos Signature phono review

    Our Talos Signature phono system review from Matej Isak is out. We are very happy to announce that our design was given an Editors Choice award, among other compliments "The Aries Cerat Talos Signature is the best phono preamp I have had the pleasure of testing, regardless of whether it's...
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    Ianus Essentia, TriodeFet amplifiers are out

    FInally the smaller mono amplifiers of our Ianus Series, showcasing our TriodeFet technology, are out. First four pairs are being shipped around the globe. Newsletter to follow soon. Being excited is an understatement
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    Ianus Series is officially launched

    The wait is over.The Ianus Series is out. Our showcase of our TriodeFet technology is debuting with the flagship model, the Geminae. First pair going to Germany (was going to be debuted in the cancelled Munich 2020 Show. Soon a smaller sibling will join the Series. More information on the...
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    Aries Cerat @ Munich High End Show 2019

    We welcome you all to our room D05 @ Halle 1 at this year's Munich show,to see and listen to our new creations. Among others,we debut our new Talos Signature phono stage, the Achilleas amplifier ,and in digital..something new ,small and feisty.
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    Symponia LE speaker lands in the UK

    Last week we were in the UK setting up a Symphonia Limited Edition speaker to a happy owner's lovely space. Few pictures of the set up installation :
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    Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show @ Melbourne 2018- with a full AC system

    Our Australian distributor Purasound pulled off an amazing system during the last Melbourne show. Full AC system comprised of the Limited Edition Symphonia speakers. Amplifiers on hand were the Genus integrated(on power amp mode,resting on a nice Staccore platform) and the Diana Forte SET power...
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    Super Copper finishing technique teaser

    Hello Gents A small video-teaser of the Liquid Super Copper finish,here used on the midrange bullet enclosures of the Symphonia speaker Cheers Stavros
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    Concero Series of SET amplifiers update

    Hello to WBF We proudly announce the completion of the Concero family of mono amplifiers,with the launch of Concero Sig and Concero Limited Edition. Official launch in Q4 2018 Stay tuned for more details.
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    "Aries Cerat Incito S, a tube line stage beyond boundary?!" First review of our Incito S

    Hello to the forum Incito's bigger brother,the Incito S, got it's first review,and it is great. """The Incito S preamplifier achieves that rare feat of balancing the lovely qualities of both tube and transistor equipment to present recorded music as it should be reproduced. The...

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