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    Sound absortion/deadening

    I am remodeling the basement and have to work with the existing structure (to a point). What can I do to control the sound traveling to the other parts of the home. One wall has access to the studs from the drop ceiling and I can fill with blow in insulation (or other material). The other has no...
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    Why is it that,

    So many people on the internet can just abandon all common courtesy when discussing a topic. I see on another audio site that certain people continually denigrate others that do not follow their line of thought. It is troubling that the moderator allows these individuals to continue posting in...
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    HiFi VCR for music

    Title pretty much says it all. I was told a long time ago that recorded music to a Svhs/vhs on a good machine could sound very nice. Has anyone ever tried this. I have about 5 editing machines taking up space and thought it might be fun to try. What were your results? MAK Sorry if this is...

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