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    Recommendations for NYC audio establishments?

    Hi, We will be visiting New York City for a week right after Christmas. I would like to visit some stores to listen to music played through components that I cannot audition in the Pacific NorthWET. There are no local dealers for Absolare, Gryphon, Rockport, Magico, etc.. It would be great if I...
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    Los Angeles Audio Stores ?

    Hi All, I am in LA, CA this week until Friday. I might have some time to visit audio stores in the area. Do you have any recommendations for which ones to visit? Thanks. Jay
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    Audioquest Jitterbug

    I just tried the Audioquest Jitterbug in my system between my ultrabook and Devialet. It seems to remove some grunge from the USB connection. Of more interest is that I feel that it has improved clarity a bit by dropping the noise floor some. Music seems to be more relaxed with much better pace...
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    Greetings from the Pacific NorthWET.

    Hi, I thought I should post an introductory post. Long time lurker and first time poster. I listen to a lot of music. Born and brought up in India. My parents used to have a couple of ticket to the Narada Gana Sabha in Chennai, India and I used to attend a lot of live concerts in India. I...

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