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  1. marty

    Ode to a Swiss Turntable

    I feel worse about this than I have after attending some funerals. After 30 plus years, I am retiring my much beloved Goldmund Studio turntable with a Goldmund T3F tonearm. If I had a dollar for every time this turntable made my brain sing, I would be a wealthy man. I can however, attest to the...
  2. marty

    The Next Big Thing? Alma Deutscher

    Here's a composer whose appearance at Carnegie last month was one I missed. Apparently, that was a mistake. But I knew absolutely nothing about her, until now. Alma Deutscher is a 14 year old composer that I will not miss if she plays here again...
  3. marty

    Kenny Dorham Great article on Kenny Dorham, one of the greatest jazz trumpet players.
  4. marty

    Streaming Rules the Marketplace

    Streaming is the undisputed 800 lb gorilla in the room. It comprises 82% of our music consumption. The only discs I play are mostly SACD but I wonder how long my silver discs will continue to serve...
  5. marty

    David Geffen Hall- Here we go again.

    Today, Lincoln Center announced it's long awaited plan to renovate and remodel David Geffen Hall, the home of the NY Philharmonic. As many may know, this venue has had a tortured past which is detailed below. However, the current plans and some images are as follows: Construction at David...
  6. marty

    Need some Lampi help please

    My Lampi GG2 arrived today. I hope that the Lampi experts on WBF can help address some questions from a Lampi newbie. I’m using Roon and my streamer is the innuous ZENMk3 that is connected to the GG2 via USB. 1) When I try and configure the device in Roon settings and I hit the “Configure”...
  7. marty

    Amazon HD

    Does anyone know what streamers accept Amazon HD. If my understanding is correct, it streams up to 24 bit/192 KHz and its $12.99 mo if you are a member of Amazon Prime. Seems as good and cheaper than Qobuz. But what streaming hardware is currently available that supports Amazon HD?
  8. marty

    What's less fun and less safe than listening to music?

    Answer: Mountain biking at 10,000 ft. and falling off your bike. Greetings from the 3 Amigos in Telluride with some minor wounds and bruised egos.
  9. marty

    Hitsville- The Motown documentary on Showtime Do not miss this! It is a truly spectacular documentary of Berry Gordy and the history of Motown (almost synonymous with history of contemporary music in the US). Jaw dropping for just about every scene, every story and every...
  10. marty

    FFYX T1801 Turntable.

    Does anyone know anything about this table/arm?
  11. marty

    Norman Granz and the legendary Jazz at the Philharmonic Concert of 1944

    Jazz Jams for Justice and Profit Jazz at the Philharmonic, a groundbreaking concert held 75 years ago integrated audiences, popularized live recordings, and brought jazz appreciation into the mainstream. By John Edward Hasse July 1, 2019 4:54 pm ET A view from the stage at a Jazz at the...
  12. marty

    Notes from AXPONA 2019

    Although I used to be a regular at Audio shows, I haven’t been to CES or RMAF for a few years, so I was looking forward to attending AXPONA. To begin, the venue was a good one. There was a nice crowd, but it wasn’t unendurable. You could easily get in to hear and see most of the exhibits without...
  13. marty

    Innous Zenith Mk3 and Alma Music

    It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a new piece of gear for the big rig. (Actually, a small correction. I received a ZYX Uni II almost a year ago and have yet to put it in the system because the Benz LPS sounds so darned good. I’ll get to install it eventually, but right now it’s an expensive...
  14. marty

    Musician Compensation at Major US Orchestras

    As some of you know, the Chicago Symphony is on strike, which I hope will be over by the time AXPONA rolls around in a few weeks. Thought you all might be interested in the compensation packages of the CSO orchestra players...
  15. marty

    Lady Gaga in Las Vegas

    As many of you know, starting this month, Lady Gaga is doing a 2-year residency at the Park MGM theater in Las Vegas. She offers two types of shows on sequential nights; one is an intimate piano and jazz act and the other is a larger and grander show called “Enigma”, which is a big production...
  16. marty

    CES 2019: Something seems wrong in the world of high end audio

    Generally, by the time the last day of CES rolls around, we see several reports in this forum of interesting audio developments presented during the show in Las Vegas. But this year? It's almost as if CES didn't even occur. There have been some interesting videos from Bob, but as far as I can...
  17. marty

    DC Power supplies for audio gear

    I didn’t want to take the OP on the SGM server off topic, but I do wish to comment on the topic of power supplies in general as mentioned in post #131 of this thread There are some areas...
  18. marty

    Masterbuilt Ultras and Bocchino XLRs

    When I first heard Masterbuilt cables, it was in a system that I was very familiar with, namely at the home of our fearless leader, Steve. I have heard Steve’s system in many incarnations over the years, but there was an allure with a full loom of MB ultra that I found compelling. It’s always...
  19. marty

    Quick shout outs

    'Tis the season for thanks and for giving. I just wanted to take a moment to give some quick thanks to a several in our space that I have appreciated. Dealers (yes dealers, whose survival is paramount to the success of this hobby); Here are a few I've bought from this past year. Alex Siufy at...
  20. marty

    Tweaks for the Holidays

    So you bought great speakers, the finest electronics, and over-priced cables to create your perfect stereo system. What could you possibly do to make it better, you ask? The answer is- tweaks! Everyone knows that many of these little devices can provide meaningful benefit for not a lot of money...
  21. marty

    12AU7 tube rollers delight

    This is a highly unusual offering of some of the finest 12AU7 tubes available. They are all highly matched pairs and purchased from superb vendors (Upscale Audio for Mullards and Brimars and Psvne directly). They are a tube-rollers delight. I have selling these because I will never get to...
  22. marty

    Spectral pairings

    I thought some of you would find this interesting..... As many know, there has been ample forum discussion on of whether Spectral amps should only be used with Spectral pre-amps.This is a discussion that has...
  23. marty

    Sirius acquires Pandora for 3.5B Interesting. I use Pandora because its algorithm for understanding the music's "DNA" and then generating a radio station prompted by my key selection(s) is superb. This is especially true for less popular formats such as world music. I use Pandora...
  24. marty

    Musical Lollipop of the Day

    Hard not to smile for this one. By the way, if you want to hear Benjamin Grosvenor play Chopin with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra on April 11, the night before AXPONA begins, PM me as I bought fantastic Box seats. Also, the guy improvising is...
  25. marty

    Axpona 2019

    Yes, this is not a misprint. This is for AXPONA 2019. The show runs from April 12-14, 2019. When I'm in Chicago, I often look to see of there is anything happening at the Chicago Symphony that's interesting. There is a program on Thursday evening April 11 that caught my attention as it features...
  26. marty

    Comparative listening to grounding devices

    The use of grounding devices has been quite popular in recent years. My question is whether anyone has compare the performance of any of these units as single device, not as a supplement to another device. My query is prompted by a recent review of Jacob Heilbrunn in TAS for the Nordost QKore...
  27. marty

    Spectral DMA 400 monoblocs

    No need to comment on these outstanding amps. 3.5 years old in excellent condition. Asking 15K PM me if interested. Marty
  28. marty

    Spectral DMA 400 monoblocs

    No need to comment on these outstanding amps. 3.5 years old in excellent condition. Asking 15K PM me if interested. Marty
  29. marty

    Horn Hangout

    I recently learned of this site "Horn Hangout" run by Sarah Wills, a horn player in the Berlin Philharmonic. She "hangs out" with famous horn players all over the globe. If you like music and musicians you may really like her video blogs. Her interview...
  30. marty

    Hugh Masekela dead at 78

    We lost a most remarkable musician and singer

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