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  1. shakti

    Next steps with Soundsmith Fixed Coil cartridges

    During the last month my main Cartridge in use was the - Soundsmith "The Voice" After a comparison of some other cartridges in this price range, finally "The Voice" played mostly, so I sold the other carts of the comparison, which I described in this thread...
  2. shakti

    Lampizator Vinyl Phono stage arrived

    It took only 20 days between my customized order to Lampizator and the arrival at my home. Much faster than expected my - Lampizator MC 1 is integrated in my Artesania Rack. The Turntable is a - J Sikora reference...
  3. shakti

    Back to Jeff Rowland, now listening to Criterion and 825 :-)

    15 to 20 years ago I started my first Jeff Rowland journey. I bought used Coherence I Preamp and Model 3 Monos Amps I liked it a lot, so I updated to Coherence II Preamp plus Cadence Phono and Model 10 monos after a while the PSU was failing , so Jeff updated them. Than I had the...
  4. shakti

    My way to the next Poweramp

    Since I left my hORNS Universum speaker, Koda Preamp, various tube amps set up, I am on the way to pair my current speakers, Wilson Audio Maxx3 with matching gear. The first change was from Koda K10 Preamp to - Grandinote Genesi. I was happy with the sonic signature of the Koda, but...
  5. shakti

    Shakti is back to Digital ( Innuos, Roon, Brinkmann)

    10 years ago I started my digital journey to streaming, using iTunes and La Rosita Streaming interfaces. All my files were ripped in WAV, so I was ending up to add Meta Data at my own. The upcoming possibility of online streaming (like Tidal) made my digital set up obsolete, as it is impossible...
  6. shakti

    Land Rover Defender 110 Heritage, yes I did it :-)

    For many years the Land Rover Defender was one of my dream cars for 4x4 vacations, but always there were some good reasons to buy another car. Finally 2015 , the last production year of the Defender passed by and I was still not owning one. Specially frustrating, as the last 400 Defender were...
  7. shakti

    Comparison of some Cartridges in the 4k+ region: Soundsmith "The Voice", Ikeda 9 TT, Ortofon "Windfeld Ti", Air Tight PC1

    During the last months I have tried a lot of cartridges. As the "uber" High End" section of cartridges has passed the 10k price point now regular for the most manufacturers, I am not willing (and not able) to support this direction of "new" High End pricing, as the Cartridge is a product with a...
  8. shakti

    A ProgRock evening with JBL 4312SE speakers

    After many hours listening to music with my current set ups of the last years, I decided to look into my record collection with an alternative view. As my space is limited, the idea was, to identify records, which I have not heard for years and to eliminate them from my collection to get some...
  9. shakti

    Shakti's High End Workshop 14.-16.June.2019, Germany, western Cologne area!

    Introduction: Since 2015 I can enjoy my Music passion in an old building from the period of promoterism, the old part is from 1856, the newer part from 1898. For more than a century the house has hosted a pub and the flat from the former owners. I knew the pub for a long time and listened...
  10. shakti

    First Impressions : Furutech Pure Transmission Power 6E - versus - Vibex Granada powersplitter

    During the last years I always used power splitters from the Spanish Company Vibex. Every time, when they changed their portfolio, I upgraded accordingly. The last two years I was using the Vibex Granada Powerblock with integrated DC Filter plus the on top Vibex Alhambra AC Filter. This year...
  11. shakti

    FS: Halcyonics Accurion i4 Large active Base

    IMHO one of the best turntable bases around, I tried HRS, Micro Seiki AIR, Herzan, Subbase Audio and finally the "Accurion i4 large" had the best performance . I have choosen the large version, so I was able to install large turntables or amplifiers on the base, which will work up to 105 kg...
  12. shakti

    Munich High End 2019

    just booked the hotel :-)
  13. shakti

    FS: Van den Hul Colibri XGW AGW Stradivarius Master Signature / 0,9mv output, as new.

    on offer is a very rare custom built van den Hul Colibri XGW AGW Stradivarius Master Signature, compliance built for Tonearms with 10-16 g effective mass, output voltage is 0,9mv which is for me the "best" Master Signature output voltage, as this value will give you the "energy" of the...
  14. shakti

    TechDAS Airforce V arrived :-)

    As I love to play around with tonearms and Carts, it became obvious , that my AF3P cannot provide enough space. My remaining Micro Seiki Turntables could not meet the performance of the AF3P. But a crosscheck with the AF V showed, that the little thing from TechDAS is very very good. As some of...
  15. shakti

    Wilson Audio Maxx 3 arrived !

    After many years without speakers from Wilson Audio, I had the chance to buy a Ferrari Red Pair of Maxx 3, so I did. My former experience with Wilson Audio were mainly with the smaller speakers, as personally owned Cube, Watt Puppy 3.1, 5.1, 6, 7, 8 types. At friends homes I had the chance to...
  16. shakti

    Wilson Audio Maxx 3 arrived

    After many years without speakers from Wilson Audio, I had the chance to buy a Ferrari Red Pair of Maxx 3, so I did. My former experience with Wilson Audio were mainly with the smaller speakers, as personally owned Cube, Watt Puppy 3.1, 5.1, 6, 7, 8 types. At friends homes I had the chance to...
  17. shakti

    Shun Mook MC Reference Cartridge

    After having tried a lot of different Cartridges, still an experience with ZYX carts is missing. On the other hand I am always fascinated about the effect of Shun Mook products. With Shun Mook my love to old Ebony wood as High End Accessory started and you will find on many positions of my...
  18. shakti

    FS: Van den Hul Colibri XGW Koa Stradivarius / 0,38mv output, as new.

    on offer is a very rare custom built Van den Hul Colibri XGW Koa Stradivarius, compliance built for light and medium Tonearms (8-14 effective mass), output voltage is 0,38mv. It is possible to run this Colibri with SME V, SME 3012r, SME 309, SME 312, Kuzma Stogi, Graham, Rigid Float, SAT...
  19. shakti

    My next Phonostage ? Boulder 2008 or CH Precision P1 or?

    Having owned (and used) Aesthetix IO (2 PSU), Thoeress Phono, Kondo KSL M7 / SFZ , Herron, vdh The Grail xlr and some more, I am looking for the next step. Being a pragmatic listener without having a preference for tube or solid state, it just has to make "music" in my ear with all the...
  20. shakti

    FS: LAMPIZATOR / KRON 2x RK 300b + 1x RK 5U4G

    I am selling a set of Ricardo Kron tubes. They are as new (just funktional test after shipment) in original packaging: 2x KR Audio Kron RK Edition 300b 1x KR Audio Kron RK Edition 5U4G they will play on any single ended Lampizator Big7, Golden Gate G1 & G2, Pacific. For many listeners...
  21. shakti

    FS: Van den Hul Colibri XGW Koa Stradivarius / for heavy Tonearms

    on offer is a very rare custom built Van den Hul Colibri XGW Koa Stradivarius , compliance built for heavy Tonearms It is possible to run this Colibri with Ikeda 407, Ikeda 345, Fidelity Research 64 and 66 and other middle to heavy weight tonearms. recommended retail for this custom made...
  22. shakti

    Ypsilon DAC 1000 SE silver edition

    Having heard in Munich so many nice set ups, there is always some, you remember longer , than others . Very often the set up from the Greek Company Ypsilon is one of those. This year they had the new DAC 1000 silver edition on display, first time a Ypsilon with DSD 512 usb connectivity ...
  23. shakti

    FS: FIDELITY RESEARCH FR64s Tonearm, Copper Version

    I am going to reduce my collection of Tonearms, so this nice one comes on sales: FIDELITY RESEARCH FR64s - copper this is the best sounding steel version of the FR64 series, very close to FR66s. The copper version is rare, as the most arms were sold with silver tonearm wire. Todays...
  24. shakti

    VIV Laboratory Rigid Float Tonearm, first experience.

    Japanese Tonearms do attract me, so I love to listen to music with my Ikeda, Fidelity Research, Micro Seiki and SAEC Tonearms. All of them were very innovative in the year of launch, so even after 25 to 35 years of age , they prove their quality against the current competition from Kuzma...
  25. shakti

    Shakti's walk throughout the exciting Koetsu experience :-)

    My personal Koetsu experience started in the time of being a student and working in a Hifi shop to get the money for the University. Every thursday I had the turntable day and my boss gave me all turntables the shop had sold during the week to install them. I have not counted the number of...
  26. shakti

    Koetsu Onyx Platinum, van den Hul Stradivarius on Ikeda 407, Fidelity Research FR64s

    Since I own the Micro Seiki SX 8000 MKII , I am looking for a nice Cart / Arm combination. Currently are the Ikeda 407 tonearm (with VTA lifter) and the Fidelity Research FR64s (silver cable, Big "bass resonator" screw, similar to B60 VTA lifter) Both tonearms have a different Charakter, so a...
  27. shakti

    IKEDA Kai , IKEDA 9TS and IKEDA 407, FR64s fitting experience (on Micro Seiki SX 8000 MKII)

    Since a couple of days, I am enjoying my Micro Seiki SX 8000 MKII turntable. It was clear to me, that I like to combine this heavy turntable with heavy arms and low complient cartridges. recently I saw a Micro Seiki SX 8000 MKII with SME V and Kuzma 4 point tonearm, which might be a nice...
  28. shakti

    My new Micro Seiki SX 8000 MK II :-)

    After having seen the great TechDas Airforce 1 presentation, enriched with AirForce 0 parts , it was clear, that my next turntable will continue the story of Micro Seiki in my home. The original idea was, to buy an Airforce III, but in Munich I has the chance to listen to all available TechDas...

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