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  1. Mr Rickz

    Gryphon Diablo Integrated Amplifier Owners

    I'm investigating integrated amplifiers to power my new Harbeth Monitor 30.2 Anniversary Editions. Do we have any Diablo owners in the group? I'd appreciate your comments. Edit: Specifically the Diablo 120.
  2. Mr Rickz

    I Guess It's About Time

    Hi all, I've been around for about a week so I guess I better introduce myself. Name obviously is Rick. Age is nearly 70. Time flies when you're having fun. I had an interest in electronics and technology from an early age. Studied electronics in college and got my first job doing QC and...
  3. Mr Rickz

    Beyond Stereophile and TAS

    I'm an avid reader of TAS and Stereophile, but much I read about and see here is beyond the scope of those two publications. Is there a print publication that has better coverage of the type of gear discussed here?? Thanks

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