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  1. musicfirst100

    D'appolito Designs: Pros and Cons?

    I heard from one of my local dealers that he does not in general like D'appolito designs. This is the first I've heard of such a stance. Why do you or do you not like D'appolito designs?
  2. musicfirst100

    Relevant Audio Forums other than WBAF?

    Are there any other forums that are either originally in English or can be translated that people frequent other than WBAF?
  3. musicfirst100

    German Highend Concrete Cabinet Loudspeaker Project (Right click in Chrome and translate to English) Has anyone heard about or even heard these bad boys? There's a lot to like about the design AMT Tweeter, heroic cabinet design etc.
  4. musicfirst100

    Opinions on the New Dynaudio Confidence Speakers

    I know the Confidence 60 speaker was featured at Munich in at least one room last year, but if it was at Axpona, I missed it. Does anyone have an opinion on the new line? Especially the new Esotar 3 and the funky waveguide? I never liked aspects of Dynaudio's old dual tweeter speaker designs...
  5. musicfirst100

    If I Had Ten Thousand Dollars (Sing it!!)

    OK lets say the sky's the limit on the rest of your system, but you could only spend 10-15k on a new pair of speakers. What would those speakers be?:rolleyes:
  6. musicfirst100

    Audionet Scientist Series: Humboldt Integrated vs Stern and Heisenberg Separates : Having Your Cake and Eating it Too?

    I know that by now, many have heard the big separates, as I have been lucky enough to hear on two separate occasions in two vastly different setups (a BIG thanks to both Don and Bill for hosting me). I now feel that, for me, they are the best amplification I've yet heard. But I'm very curious...
  7. musicfirst100

    The Best Franco Serblin Designed Loudspeaker?

    In your opinion, of Franco Serblin's own Sonus Faber designs or those designs for his own company. What was his best speaker? For me it would have to be the Extremas, speakers way ahead of the amplifiers of the day, but amazing nonetheless. The Electa Amator and the original Amatis are no...
  8. musicfirst100

    State of the Art Analog: Is the State of the Art Advancing?

    Turntables, Cartridges, Tonearms, Oh My;)! I've heard some of the very best of the best analog systems at shows and in dedicated dealer and home systems (Air Force 1, Walker, Brinkman, Clearaudio, Vyger, Kronos, Continuum Audio Labs etc.) The best of these are truly amazing, but can cost more...
  9. musicfirst100

    Mundorf/Heil/ESS AMT designs.

    Hi guys and happy new year. I have a friend with a very good but modest system. He is looking to upgrade his old Monitor Audio Studio 20 floorstanding speakers and has caught the AMT bug. I know of a few of the current designs incorporating this tried and true tweeter: Both the dipole and the...
  10. musicfirst100

    State of the Art Speakers and Imaging: Insights on SotA Planars vs Dynamic vs Omni Speakers vs The Real Thing

    It's all in the title. I have my opinion and I'm sure many other contributors have theirs and I'm inviting insights. What are your thoughts regarding image depth, density, placement focus and layering It's great if you have opinions relative to live unamplified music as well.
  11. musicfirst100

    Your Personal Top Three Speaker-Amp Combos That You've Actually Heard.

    OK People, A simple question from a simple guy. I'm on the hunt for new speakers. What are the top three Speaker Amp Combos you've ever heard. Honourable mentions are allowed. It would be nice, but not imperative to describe the sources and the room as well as the venue of the experience...
  12. musicfirst100

    Audio Road Trip #5: Greater Boston Area

    Gentle People, Having "First Taken Manhattan" (Berlin to Follow;)) I am travelling to the Boston Area and would like to hear some well put systems. Can anyone recommend dealers that have reference systems set up for demonstration in their stores? I'm attracted to European based gear and...
  13. musicfirst100

    Alsyvox, Audionec, Gobel ,Manger, Zellatons, Ilumnia: A survey of coherence at its finest..

    What are your thoughts ladies and gents? Which is the best? Is there something else that belongs on this list that I need to hear?

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