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  1. roberto

    The synergy of the new Conrad Johnson Classic One Twenty SE power amp and the new ET-7 preamp

    Hello friends, Just wanted to tell you how happy I am using these fantastic new products from Conrad Johnson. My system is just sounding right! The detail, the transparency, the right size of the instruments, the holographic sense, there are no hoarseness at all in the voices, the right...
  2. roberto

    Review of the new Classic One Twenty SE.

    Hola...I am a happy owner of this fantastic new power amplifier. It smoked my beloved previous ARC VT-100MKIII. This power amp truly drives my CLXs easy, with outstanding resolution and a truly sense of 3D...
  3. roberto

    Hola from Costa Rica...

    Hola muchachos!... It has being a while that I had not visited the forum. Reason? Big problem with my hard disc, and I lost all my info. On the other hand, I forgot my forum password. But, I did my best, and now back again. I had changed all my system. Here is what I have now. Happy...
  4. roberto

    Fwd: hello from Costa Rica... name is Roberto, and love music...or I should I say: love listening the musicians playing at my place...through my system. I think that we are getting closer to the real thing, and each day, the way of the digital recorders at the mixing and studio work is giving us the right info. Of...

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