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    What are you doing about EMI/RFI?

    Hello C N Feature (advantage) of the 5000 / 5100 series could be that a 1mm version is available. Experiment creates knowledge Further successful results wishes Rainer
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    What are you doing about EMI/RFI?

    Hello dcathro, since I was interested in the 3M EMI sheet product you mentioned, I ordered two copies in the 1mm version a year ago. Item: Datasheet for series 5100 =...
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    The cars you have loved, or are in love with. Tell us your car history and what each one taught you

    Most of the cars presented here are sports or extreme sports cars, so I like to present my cars with the best finish as an alternative: VW Phaeton. When the wooden flaps with motors moved in front of the air vents, that was interesting to see every time, then you looked again at a continuous...
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    I Hate Dust…

    Good morning, to be handled manually, but perhaps a selective remedy against dust problems = best wishes Rainer
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    Best Classic European Sports Car

    Best Classic European Sports Car? Maybe not the best European sports car, but my best 50 years ago: Cabriolet + 6 gears (4 plus 2 overdrive) + wire wheels + 3!!! windscreen wipers + 2!! x 6 volt batteries to reach 12 V + downhill and without headwind (but very rarely) 205km/h on the speedometer...
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    what's best sounding speaker you have ever heard?

    Good morning, after I was able to meet and purchase my Terzian III, I visited Mr Küper, as he lives only 30 KM away from me. In the end, the Terzian IIIs are order items without a dealer network. Used copies of the Terzian III can be obtained at most once a year, even in Germany, and find an...
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    what's best sounding speaker you have ever heard?

    Good morning Stephan, the newer Terzian III are small, but present incredibly (powerful and fine-drawing at the same time). The stands are a feast for the eyes, but difficult to photograph so you can understand their design. Viele Grüße von Rainer
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    Show us your cable management system effective way to isolate and support wires...... No rack, but there are options to run cables A individually, B decoupled from the floor and C heavy mains cables ex unit. Example = In...
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    BLUMENHOFER Horn Speakers returns to US !

    In addition to their horns, Blumenhofer also has a classic series in its range and its largest version, the Blumenhofer Classic 1743, was for me one of the three most beneficial audio demonstrations I was able to experience / enjoy at trade fairs. The looks like a block - for the audio...
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    Furutech DPS-4.1 limited edition power cable vs Nanoflux power NCF

    Hello sherridd 2, I would like to raise an objection to this........ The combination of shielding to earth as suggested in the video is not mandatory and not always advantageous. For example, the Furutech Top power cables Nanoflux and Nanoflux NCF (I use both) are manufactured by the...
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    Worst Movie of All Time?

    Viva la Muerte DRAMA: F/E, 1971 / Regie: Fernando Arrabal Had to endure decades ago in the cinema, tough stuff! Regards Rainer
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    Munchen High end show 2022

    As a follow up, a very extensive photo series from the French melaudio forum = Rainer wishes you a pleasant week
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    Furutech Pure Power 6E NCF

    .....To ensure your safety the Power 6 must be grounded at its Grounding/Earthing Post located near the input IEC..... Hello Hongkongfoufou, I can't explain this information either, because: A screenshot 1 shows earth on housing as listed in the product description. B screenshot 2 shows earth...
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    Furutech project V1

    With that, three thumbs up already today with pleasure!!! Regards Rainer
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    Furutech project V1

    There is now a second V-1 missing from the pure power 6 NCF to the Nagra CD player...... Best regards Rainer
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    Furutech project V1

    On the question of what this GC 303 looks like = the light grainy mass in the photo of a Furutech internal power strip. Regards Rainer
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    Furutech project V1

    Hello, Furutech as manufacturer speaks of...Formula GC-303 EMI-Absorbent Modules surround the cable.... I have not yet succeeded in opening or removing such a capsule so that a comparison can be made with vs. without module. I hope you enjoy the V1. Rainer
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    Furutech DPS-4.1 limited edition power cable vs Nanoflux power NCF

    Hello Piotr, there are additional information about the Project V-1 via the link If you are interested, just click on it...... Rainer wishes you much anticipation
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    Furutech DPS-4.1 limited edition power cable vs Nanoflux power NCF

    Furutech Power Cord Build Instruction = Regards Rainer
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    Speaking of shoes: for the hobby shoes my shoe cleaning room. A 15 sqm. phone / handy free zone for relaxation, calm and nice polished shoes are another pleasing result. Rainer wishes furthermore much enjoyment of your shoes
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    floating speaker cables.....on the cheap

    My first prototypes from 2017 for speaker cable guidance, the base plate is granite underlaid with Sorbothane. Today, 15 copies are used for power cords and speaker cables up to a height of 50 cm. Regards Rainer
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    What Brands of Headphones and Headphone Amplifiers do Fans of High Efficiency Speakers and SET Amps Enjoy?

    Hello, with luck I was able to get to know numerous headphones & headphone amplifiers with a headphone enthusiast (without any budget restriction) and the Austrian / Japanese Duo Paltauf ESD + Stax SR-009 showed me the individually appropriate substance. The Paltauf ESD (version with separate...
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    The WBF humor and joke thread.

    gold plated, rhodium, copper was yesterday.....
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    Furutech Pure Power 6E NCF

    Hello Piotr, I think it is worth getting to know the PP6 and comparing it. I had it in use for two weeks and YES: The PP6 has its own standard! The PP6 can do a lot: it presents very broadly in the sense of all-encompassing, precise and with authority. The heading - AUTHORITY - I would like...
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    installing 7 Furutech GTX-D NFC (R) outlets this morning

    Just took a picture on the fly. The additional effort for a now really precise horizontal is thus quickly secured. Unfortunately I can't get the photo rotated .....
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    installing 7 Furutech GTX-D NFC (R) outlets this morning

    ........I couldn’t imagine such a sound change... I have to try removing the top cover to see if i get a middle impact sonic signature. Hi, I have worked intensively with the NCF boosters for months and would definitely like to suggest to users to adjust the plug lying on the lower shell with a...
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    Speakers for Kondo Ongaku... Please Help

    Hello Uwiik, ........ any advices or even new suggestions of brands are welcomed. We have several audio fairs here regionally and I am still fascinated by the audio presentation of the Blumenhofer Classic 1743. Regardless of the appearance of the blocks, they provided this special magic...
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    Symphonic Line

    Hello, There is actually little to read about – Kraft - amplifiers worldwide. In 1984 a new - Kraft 100 - could find me = Combined with phenomenal (really) Echnaton (Akhenaten) - , that was a...
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    Furutech DPS-4.1 limited edition power cable vs Nanoflux power NCF

    Good morning Noridha (european time) Both Brocksieper LC 807/75 have IEC inlets so that cables can be exchanged easily. Through learning processes about different power cords I looked for the possibility to find the individual optimum for the 807 and listened extensively to Graditech, Harmonix...
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    Furutech DPS-4.1 limited edition power cable vs Nanoflux power NCF

    Hello Maril, I like to try that, but I don't know if more subtle descriptions will be understandable because I don't write in my mother tongue. Due to special circumstances I was able to spend hundreds of hours with a power cord or a multiple of it with their combinations and was able to learn...

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