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    Modding Esoteric Grandioso K1X

    Umbilical cable for Esoteric K1x and PS1 After waiting for 2 months, the special order umbilical cable finally arrived!! This newly customized umbilical cable is composed of gold-silver alloy wire and occ copper wire. And strictly consider the magnetic field interference problem of each group...
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    Show us your cable management system

    Is there any other good solution for the flat speaker cable besides nordost Sort Lift? Flat speaker wire is vulnerable to vibration.
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    The new Denali 6000/S v2

    May you check again?Or open the botton screws to check?
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    The new Denali 6000/S v2

    Ask fellow Shunyata Research First time using Shunyata Research Denali 6000 v2 It is found that except the front panel is metal, other parts of the shell are made of plastic?? Is there a technical consideration? Or is it a cost consideration? Is the flagship EVEREST 8000 also have the same...
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    Mono and Stereo review of the 18NS Dart Pre by Matij Isak

    If you want to be grounded the 18NS power supply, try this place case screws(outside).
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    Anyone try the Cardas 4181 outlets?

    Compared with Furutech outlet, Cardas 4181 outlet manufacturing quality is a bit inferior
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    re-terminate nordost SP cables...anyone?

    Does anyone have any experience with sending speaker cables to the nordost factory for re-terminate (Banana to Spade)? How much does each cost ? Are there different re-terminate cost for different series? Whether the Nordost has a list price for re-terminate service? Thanks
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    Shunyata Grounding System

    Japanese brand gears generally have the chassis and the power ground terminal connected together. Esoteric is same. Luxman should be the same. You can try opening the C900 cover and check if the external ground posts directly locked to the chassis. But pay special attention to how two bridged...
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    Like Father, Like Son: Michael Fremer (and yours truly) Tours The Wilson Audio Factory

    This shooting seems to lack the introduction to the wilson new speaker driver?
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    Rockport Technologies Introduces Orion Loudspeaker

    Rockport Technologies Introduces ORION Loudspeaker - YouTube If you have carefully observed this ORION introductory video, a horn-shaped sub-enclosure houses the midrange driver. This design has never been seen in Rockport speakers. Hope to have the opportunity to get further explanation from Andy.
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    Adjusting screw tightness on Esoteric K1X helps a lot!

    My engineer friend said this is the signal line that transmits the clock. And I found out that these 2 lines are coaxial cables. He explained that these two coaxial cables are very important for L/R clock signal. Does the esoteric hold back a trick for next model or only consider cost ?? It...
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    Adjusting screw tightness on Esoteric K1X helps a lot!

    Does anyone know what the 2 lines marked in red do? DC power ?or clock signal?
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    Re-imagining The Cable Connection

    Can Westminster Labs also order a pair of umbilical cords for esoteric gears?
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    Boulder 3060 smooth and a maybe even a bit warm?

    Is Yoav still in the business?
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    Rockport Technologies Introduces Orion Loudspeaker

    I can't believe it's Andy design! How to separate the market between Lyra, Orion and Cygnus?
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    How to tame a really noisy AC circuit. Transformer? Line Selective UPS?

    STROMTANK - German Power Tank Someone say Stormtank is the ultimate solution to the power problem except for the price. Is it true?
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    Esoteric K-01XD versus K1X?

    If your system uses single-ended(RCA) connections, will cause your speakers to produce a noticeable hum due to the ground loop. My dealer has reported to the Esoteric factory, and a jump cable(black wire) was added under the instructions of the Esoteric factory.
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    Which BNC 50-ohm cable for NHB-108 and NHB-18NS interconnection

    BNC Zeel is Current signal transmission or Voltage signal transmission Some reviews on the Internet say BNC Zeel is the current audio signal transmission as krell CAST? Is it true? I read many interviews with Hervé Delétraz. He doesn't seem to mention this part . Can any electronics...
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    Magico’s New Sound Room

    Magico vs Rockport ,Diffusion vs Absorption, The two of them seem to have different ideas about the treatment of the side walls.
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    Magico M9

    May I ask which speaker cable is the M9 paired with?
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    Preowned Transparent Opportunities

    Hi Karen: If I am not satisfied with the service and lack of professionalism of the countries distributor ,Is there any other way to buy Transparent cable? I plan to buy G6 XL SC to connect my Rockport speakers Thank you.
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    CH Precision L10 & M10 : My votes for the Best SS amps (for the past 5 yrs till 6-2021)

    CH L10 is true fully balanced design(from input to output) or not?
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    Boulder 3060 smooth and a maybe even a bit warm?

    My sixth sense tells me it's VTL pre-amp who caused this problem! Try the boulder 1100 or 2110 pre-amp.
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    Sasha DAW vs Alexia 2

    The finial round ,who is the winner?
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    Which BNC 50-ohm cable for NHB-108 and NHB-18NS interconnection

    In fact, Dartzeel BNC cable are made by huber+suhner. Their price is much cheaper than dartzeel.
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    Transparent Audio: Gen 6 Announcement

    Hi Karen, Do you agree that we can replace the AC Plugs(like Furutech NCF ac plugs or Oyaide) of Opus powercord by ourselves? The quality of the original ac plugs of opus does not seem to be very good! I would like to hear your views? Thanks!
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    Transparent Audio: Gen 6 Announcement

    Hi Karen, Can my Reference MM2 Balanced Interconnect(BRMM) be updated to G6? Thanks!
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    Rockport Lyra

    Hi jfrech After half a year of aging, can you talk more about Lyre current performance? Especially the difference with Altair ii. Thanks!!

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