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    Two white guys asking for money....

    Hi Steve and Amir Thank you for your efforts. Though I am back down under, my US memories loom large. Zarir
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    Doctor's Orders-Part Two-The New Listening Room Of Steve Williams

    I can only reiterate Neville's description of the first two days of our long planned dream audio trip. Cathy and Steve's generosity and hospitality has really made the start of this holiday exceed our expectations. Whilst the audio side of things has been spectacular, meeting and starting to get...
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    Tascam anounces New DSD Recorder!

    role of DA-3000 when using Grimm AD1 Hi Bruce Thank you very much for your info re the quality of the DA-3000. When you say "I connected the Grimm using BNC cables via SDIF-3 and it's some of the best sound I've heard!", is the DA-3000 acting as the DAC , and therefore are you suggesting...

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