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  1. treitz3

    I’M BACK!

    Jack, I hope all is well with you my friend! You have been dearly missed. I miss hearing about your audio escapades. I know you got busy (aren't we all) and there was some things that.....well, I won't go there. WELCOME BACK!!!! So glad to see you again! :cool: Tom
  2. treitz3

    Sound Quality of new roon versions (builds)

    Does anyone know if Roon will come out with something that does not affect the sound quality? I like what I am seeing about what it does, but do not want to sacrifice sound quality for convenience. Tom
  3. treitz3

    More Consensus That Streaming Is An Inferior Format & Not High End?

    Comparing an Audiophile to an Expert is not what this thread is about. We have been over this debate before. The circular arguments lead nowhere and is a waste of everyone's time. G.o.W. made a good post. Re-read that before responding. Tom
  4. treitz3

    Zero Distortion: Tango Time

    "Rest his back".....I hear ya' on that one. Tom
  5. treitz3

    The WBF humor and joke thread.

    I know folks who ordered rush shipping and got things within 6 hours through Amazon. It depends on where you live/product that you buy. Tom
  6. treitz3


    You incorrectly assumed that I was referring to David. I was not. I have no reason to dump on David....and even if I did? I wouldn't. I am better than that. I personally would like to see him resume posting and all of this drama done with. We are all adults here. It's high time some people...
  7. treitz3


    Accountability can feel like victimization for someone who is used to (or expects) entitlement. Tom
  8. treitz3


    Fixed it for you, Steve. It does not matter who moderates. I don't care who it is. He (along with a few select others) simply do not like, nor respect authority or rules of any kind. It just comes down to that. Nothing more, nothing less. We have been down this road before. Same dance...
  9. treitz3

    Atma-Sphere Class D Mono blocks

    No humor for you today. Got it and duly noted. Tom
  10. treitz3

    Atma-Sphere Class D Mono blocks

    Schroeder listens to live music this way. It's not for everyone but he's not alone. Tom
  11. treitz3

    Can you make the objective case that Qobuz is better than Tidal?

    I think it's as simple as this. I have both. I listen to both. While a large chunk of my listening comes from Qobuz, it largely comes down to the quality of the version I listen too. (If it's available on both services) In other words, it boils down to the recording, the version offered and the...
  12. treitz3

    AudiogoN Alternatives - The Master List

    Here's another find. In Indianapolis, IN. Tom
  13. treitz3

    Denali vs PS Powerplants

    I hate to be "that guy" but IME? This is system dependent. Tom
  14. treitz3

    Ceiling Clouds (For Tom treitz3 and others)

    @sbnx - Todd, I am SO sorry that I did not see this post until now... I have no excuse or even a reason to how or why I missed this. Thank you for pointing to me. I was running a search on something else tonight and just so happened to run across this thread. I felt like I hit a brick wall...
  15. treitz3

    What ethernet cables are members using?

    I started with the Venom and the Alpha. The changes (just as you described) led me to purchase the Omega. The reason I am responding to you is what what is quoted above? I can relate too on a level that most readers may not ever understand....unless they hear it. It is very subtle but it is...
  16. treitz3

    More Consensus That Streaming Is An Inferior Format & Not High End?

    Then there is also the argument with using a router that communicates on a different band than Wi-Fi, effectively breaking the path of all of the noise upstream. I use a mesh network that does this and I am still hardwired from a satellite to the end user. Of course, everything is carefully...
  17. treitz3

    Taiko Audio SGM Extreme : the Crème de la Crème

    Wouldn't that be up to the companies that stream? If they offered entire albums as an option, instead of individual songs, the gap would be gone by default. Tom
  18. treitz3

    To switch or not to switch? Melco S-100 or Innuos Phoenix NET switch?

    It seems as if this is the audiophile debate of the month and it's making its rounds across multiple forums (using multiple switches). As for this statement, every playback format known to man is imperfect. The best we could ever hope for is an optimized approximation of the real event. The one...
  19. treitz3

    System snap, crackle, pop

    First off, welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear of your issues. Let's see if we can do some eliminating to isolate where the issue is coming from. Try swapping the speaker connections (L&R). Does the sound follow the speaker or remain on the same channel? Tom
  20. treitz3

    More Consensus That Streaming Is An Inferior Format & Not High End?

    No. You can't make chicken soup out of chicken sh*t. Tom
  21. treitz3

    More Consensus That Streaming Is An Inferior Format & Not High End?

    I have some of the same gear. You are right! Question though.....where did you source your ground cables? (if you do not mind me asking?) Tom
  22. treitz3

    More Consensus That Streaming Is An Inferior Format & Not High End?

    Excuse my French but BS. I read many, many things that are just that. I have for decades. You give what you give (some more than others in a quantity versus quality factor) and you accept it for what is is. Not everything "Sucks" here. Extract what you need to and disregard the rest. What...
  23. treitz3

    More Consensus That Streaming Is An Inferior Format & Not High End?

    It's a little hard for me to take Paul McGowan at his word without knowing what streaming gear he uses and how it's hooked up/configured. Also, when he is comparing CD quality to streaming, what is his CDP/DAC setup? Without knowing this, we don't have a baseline or any knowledge whatsoever as...
  24. treitz3

    What ethernet cables are members using?

    Currently using two E cables. Shunyata Venom and the Alpha. The Omega should hit within the week. These will be in use with an upgraded modem (Netgear Nighthawk Muti-gig CM2000) and a mesh network that is NOT hardwired from the mother to the satellite (Netgear Nighthawk Tri-band Mesh (MK83)...
  25. treitz3


    Broke in the new year listening for hours on is good. I raise my glass to a new year that is prosperous, fulfilling and filled with travel, the love of my life and family. Other than the time to enjoy the aforementioned? What is more important than that besides great audio that...
  26. treitz3

    Show us your cable management system

    Mine were not for a riser. Mine were for amps, CDP's or other associated gear within the system(s) I had at the time. They have not been in use in recent years because of the rise in height preventing me from using them in the system with the rack I have. Not for any other reason. Well, that...

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