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  1. Tecknik1

    Grounding Boxes

    Of course you should avoid mixing signal and chassis ground on the same box or post but I get better results with both signal and chassis grounded to separate individual boxes especially with all things digital from fmc, switch , server then dac, amp not so much.
  2. Tecknik1

    Entreq Tellus grounding

    Done along with dac, server, switch, fmc, amp. My dac, server, switch, fmc are all chassis ground and source ground. I’d like to chassis ground and source ground my amp but funds are limited that’s why I pose the question here for those who have tried both on there amp which produced the...
  3. Tecknik1

    Entreq Tellus grounding

    When grounding your amp which has a bigger impact, the negative speaker terminals or rca/xlr. I currently have the negative speaker terminal and wanted to hear from those of you who have done both and which had the greater impact. id like to try both at the same time but currently limited funds...
  4. Tecknik1

    I bought Focal Stella Utopia Evo, but...

    Very sad to read a customer is being treated this way by a dealer and even more disturbing that Focal has basically ignored you. I will not by Focal now after reading this thread. Focal is going to loose more then it would of cost them to have another pair ( blue ) shipped from where ever and...
  5. Tecknik1

    Best XLR connectors money can buy?

    Does anyone know what xlr s wireworld uses on there platinum 7 interconnects, while maybe not the best I replaced the stock xlr s with the furutech xlr cf 601 & 602 and perceive a clearer picture, smoother presentation over the stock xlr s offered by WW. I would like to try the Atlas All Cu XLR...
  6. Tecknik1

    Linear Power Supply Network Findings

    Agreed with both pc feeding the LPS and vibration control, I do both and have for several years.
  7. Tecknik1

    Linear Power Supply Network Findings

    While every person will have different outcomes with an LPS it important to remember the LPS is only half while the dc cable is the other half. When I replaced the stock dc cable with a high quality solid silver with Oyaide dc plugs from my LPS,s to the router, switch and Fmc,s there was no...
  8. Tecknik1

    New Ref 6SE and Ref 750SEL

    Thank you
  9. Tecknik1

    New Ref 6SE and Ref 750SEL

    Funny his name doesn’t appear anywhere on the site.
  10. Tecknik1

    AudioQuest POwer Cords with DBS packs.

    According to Audioquest and awhile back my system didn’t sound right one day with a loss of life, sparkle so to speak and I noticed something a few days prior so I’m going through my system and noticed the wire connecting the DBS pack to the cable disconnected , I have been tweaking my system...
  11. Tecknik1

    AudioQuest POwer Cords with DBS packs.

    Yes I have there diamond ethernet cable and have actually installed 2 dbs packs on it With even better SQ. I emailed Audioquest on the dbs packs regarding break in time and his reply stated it takes 150 hrs both way to break in or loose the charge. I would be interested in to hear your thoughts...
  12. Tecknik1

    New Ref 6SE and Ref 750SEL

    Aryeman I would love to hear your modded AR Ref Anv pre I’m sure it sounds fabulous and wouldn’t hesitate to buy it from you, a true work of art from your posted pictures. I do a bit of modding myself not to the extent of what you have done but enough to know not all parts are created equal and...
  13. Tecknik1

    Entreq Tellus grounding

    I have had the amps negatives grounded for around 4 years and today it just occurred to me to do input as will but wanted confirmation first and PO did that within hours after emailing him. Yes I have the speaker spades first.
  14. Tecknik1

    Entreq Tellus grounding

    PO of Entreq just replied yes you can do both as long has each has its own separate post.
  15. Tecknik1

    Entreq Tellus grounding

    Has anyone tried if it’s even possible to have your amp speaker post grounded to a posieden as will has an rca ground also so that your running line source and speaker negative at the same time? Would like to get some feedback before blowing anything up
  16. Tecknik1

    Music That Speaks to You.

    Hans Theesink - Missing You Peggy Lee- Fever Blues Company - Blues is a feeling Junior Wells - Use Me , Sweet Sixteen Jeff Beck - Brush with the Blues Roberta Flack - The First Time Ever I saw your face Roger Waters - Amused to Death Kate Schrock - Carolina Hurricane, Great Love, Deepest Part of...
  17. Tecknik1

    Full Limited Edition Aries Cerat System Build and World Exclusive LEGEND Series!

    I thought the video was very well done and more informative then most like the way she did the room measurements and show cased the equipment.
  18. Tecknik1

    SOtM sNH-10G Network Switches x2 : The NEW KING of USB/Network Gadget Setup

    W4S makes a LPS with multiple outputs, adjustable voltages between 5v & 12v maximum 4 amps I believe. I currently using 2, one for the modem, switch & FMC and the 2nd on the FMC, Aqvox switch near my Melco server. The Aqvox switch as with the SOTM switch which Im very interested in getting...
  19. Tecknik1

    Modding my ARC Ref Anniversary

    Outstanding job, very impressed , well done.
  20. Tecknik1

    Furutech DSS-4.1 Top Of The Line Bulk Speaker Cable

    Yes they do, I've had the DSS-4.1 running the last 4 days with approximately 60 hrs on them. They started opening up a bit at the 20 hr mark and the first things I noticed about them was the solid images and saturation. At 60 hrs there still congested and nasal sounding. Ive been trying to find...
  21. Tecknik1

    KSA 200 B

    Thank you C.A.P I appreciate the feedback.
  22. Tecknik1

    KSA 200 B

    Hi Guys, Need some advice regarding a KSA 200b 1988 - 1989. The amp looks super clean but cant get info if its had the caps redone or not. I currently have a Accuphase A65, my question is what are the similarities in these two amps. Both are class A which I like does the krill do mid,s and highs...
  23. Tecknik1

    Gryphon Diablo vs Accuphase.

    I have never heard Accuphase sounding harsh on the highs, or have heard anyone else use that term in describing Accuphase sound. I think the E650 would be a fairer comparison . Have not heard the Diablo unfortunately.
  24. Tecknik1

    What is the best energy drink?

    Being an active cyclist at 56 yr riding 400 + km per week I need all the help I can get. I start my morning at 4 am with a cup of water with a lemon squeezed in then heated for 20 seconds at which time I add 1/4 tsp of baking soda followed by 2 raw eggs for protein and a cup and a half of black...
  25. Tecknik1

    Block Audio any experience ?

    There was reference to block audio on Audiogon, first I heard of them. I checked the website out and was surprised to see a 5000 damping factor, 200 watts class a. I would like to hear some comments as well, some mentioning there better then Gryphon which was an interesting comment.
  26. Tecknik1

    The Motorcycle Thread ...

    Thats a super cool bike, makes me want to trade in my Honda SH 150 for one.
  27. Tecknik1

    Who is today the world's richest man, as compared to yesterday?

    Don't forget about the massive corruption, and all the players that get a piece of the pie.
  28. Tecknik1

    Who is today the world's richest man, as compared to yesterday?

    For sure Putin will be getting a piece of the treasure.
  29. Tecknik1

    Who is today the world's richest man, as compared to yesterday?

    Jeff Bezos net worth hits $150 billion today, Putin is said to be worth $200 billion or more and the Rothschild minimum $2-5 trillion and could be more then $500 trillion.Now thats some serious coin. How high would $2 trillion in $100 bills be?
  30. Tecknik1

    Battery power for router

    Battery powered router' for some reason I didn't think that would be possible. I have my router on W4S LPS 1, my ethernet cable goes direct to the MC200 which is battery powered at both ends. I found that removing the switch between the router and MC200 improved my SQ. I have my switch also...

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