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  1. JimmyS

    CH Precision Announces New 10 Series

    I wish they would get the M10 out, so I could find a M1.1 from someone upgrading :).
  2. JimmyS

    DS Audio Ionizer

    Living in Chicago, winter is brutal for static build up so I took a chance and purchased one awhile back. Finally had a free evening to try out mine and was very pleased. Records came off the platter with zero static charge, where as prior to the device the amount of static build up was very...
  3. JimmyS

    Running Springs Audio fans?

    6 years later, my running springs gear was sold to a friend and now using a Shunyata 6000T. Was already using Shunyata power cords, and I liked what they did in my system so I tried the 6000T. It brought an improvement in providing a lower noise floor, and I was hearing small details in music...
  4. JimmyS

    Visit to Goebel company

    The Gobel setup from the 2018 show was one of my favorites. But the cost of the Aeon's was above my threshold. I live in Chicago, so Axpona is always on my "todo" list. A trip to FL during winter is always an option as well, as the wife will never say no to escaping the cold weather for a...
  5. JimmyS

    Visit to Goebel company

    As someone who is shopping the M2 and Rockport Avior II, my interest is certainly peaked..
  6. JimmyS

    Alternative considerations to the Pass X260.8 for my VSA Endeavor SE

    Thanks for sharing the feedback and congrats on the new amps :).
  7. JimmyS

    Audio Research Ref 6 vs Pass Labs XP 22/ XP 30

    No, but my short summary is that they are faster, control my speakers better, bass is much more defined, and the Lows/Mids/Highs are more balanced. PeterA has a great writeup on the .5 vs .8 and his findings are spot on.
  8. JimmyS

    Audio Research Ref 6 vs Pass Labs XP 22/ XP 30

    Thanks Alex. Yes, I remember our Axpona conversation and you were spot on. I need to plan a CA trip... The new YG speaker caught my eye, as I’m considering what’s next down the road.. M2 (ugh the $$$), Rockport Avior II, YG Vantage
  9. JimmyS

    Audio Research Ref 6 vs Pass Labs XP 22/ XP 30

    I thought it paired well, and the XP20 was in my system for a long time. It is neutral sounding without being cold/analytical. It really helped me hear the differences in the 100.5’s to the 160.8’s when I made that change. My system is in a smaller room, and as my system evolved I noticed...
  10. JimmyS

    Audio Research Ref 6 vs Pass Labs XP 22/ XP 30

    I have the XA160.8 and had a XP20. Auditioned the Ref 6 and it was not for me, but then I was able to audition a Ref10 and couldn’t believe the preamp was made by the same company. It didn’t leave the house. I also have auditioned the XS preamp when I had the XA100.5 and it was another great...
  11. JimmyS

    How satisfied?

    How satisfied? Very much for both Audio and spouse :). Its been a ten year journey to arrive at the system I listen to (and 28 years of my wife putting up with me and my various toys). That said, I'm always exploring new ways to improve on what I have (its the engineer in me) and perhaps...
  12. JimmyS

    Halloween Treats

    Its a snowy Halloween day in Chicago, which means the kid traffic will be light and I'll have some time to starting listening to a demo setup that arrived :).
  13. JimmyS

    Point 5 vs Point 8 amplifiers

    I’ve owned the 30.5, 60.5’s, 100.5’s, and now the 160.8’s. Peter’s writeup on the .5 vs .8 was spot on based on what I heard in my system. My short summary is that if you prefer a slightly warmer presentation, the 0.5 series will not disappoint. The trade off here to the 0.8 will be a bit...
  14. JimmyS

    DCS Vivaldi

    For wallet friendly digital cables: Geistnote's Apogee Wyde Eye 75Ω BNC Word Clock Cable for the future clock connections. DH labs for the duel AES cables. I use the above in my system and they perform well above their price points.
  15. JimmyS

    DCS Vivaldi

    I’ve had the Rossini (without clock) and now the Vivaldi and would highly recommend you consider the clock as it makes a significant improvement. A friend with a Rossini just added the clock after hearing my system with/without the clock. Regarding cords: I use Shunyata Sigma Analog on the...
  16. JimmyS

    To Roon or not to Roon, that is the question...

    In my home office Network Closet is the cable modem to ASUS 5300 (handles routing/wireless network for now but Ubiquiti upgrades are planned for these functions), which has a bonded pair to an Ubiquiti 24-port managed switch. At this switch I have 3 different NAS setups connected via bonded...
  17. JimmyS

    To Roon or not to Roon, that is the question...

    I was skeptical about Roon at the beginning, and the sound quality was not there in the early days compared to my dedicated NAS / minimServer solution. Over time, the Roon software evolved and their sound quality improved (a good sign that they are working on continuous improvement). The...
  18. JimmyS

    Alma Music and Audio to debut at AXPONA with exciting new products from Bergmann, LinnenbergG

    Awesome news. Looking forward to meeting you in person.
  19. JimmyS

    Axpona 2019 Bending Wave events schedule

    Looking forward to getting home (ugh, work travel) and attending Axpona. Last years room was a treat and my first exposure to Gobel. Can’t wait to hear this years setup.
  20. JimmyS

    Tidal or Competitor Without a Computer (like Spotify)

    If simplicity is the top requirement, a WiFi connected laptop with usb to the DAC is the solution. You can control the laptop from your listening spot with various tablets / remote control apps. This was my first entry into Digital steaming years ago. A bump in sound quality is to go the...
  21. JimmyS

    First real review - Wilson Alexia 2

    I'm a Magico S3 owner, and while I typically enjoy listening to Wilson setups at shows I never considered them replacing my Magico's. That is until I heard the new Sasha DAW at my local dealer during a launch event they held. I was really impressed and will be returning to give them and the...
  22. JimmyS

    What ethernet cables are members using?

    My gigaFOILV4 request for purchase was made this morning and once its confirmed I'll be contact about a cable purchase for myself to try with my dCS Vivaldi stack. Cheers, Jimmy
  23. JimmyS

    Magico FINALLY finds Musicality!!! - Thanks to CAT Preamp and Monoblocks!!!!!!

    At 2018 Axpona I was enjoying the Cat & Magico room when a gentlemen sat beside me and after a few songs commented on how colored the sound was, and how the speakers were no good, etc... In a polite manner I said that’s interesting cause I don’t hear these things you describe... He asked what...
  24. JimmyS

    Audio Research- An underated Gem?

    Really interested in that comparison, as 2019 is the year of one upgrade and its a preamp for me (unless a pair of used Magico M3's somehow appear out of no where)
  25. JimmyS

    Pass XP-20 vs XP30 how do they compare? or Any CJ users w/ Pass Amp's

    The three things that have made the most impact on low end control in my system were: 1. Room treatment 2. Speaker Placement 3. More amplification overhead Regarding point #3, I've gone from the XA30.5 -> XA60.5's -> XA100.5's and now have XA160.8's. As I moved up the line, a better control...
  26. JimmyS

    Pass XP-20 DB-25 Umbilical upgrade: Has anyone any suggestions on how much of a difference and what brand?

    I have the Revelation cable on my Pass XP20. When I installed it, I experienced better detail in the soundstage via instrument separation and placement. I’m guessing the Revelation cable shields external noise better on the power supplies it is connecting, which provides the audible benefits.
  27. JimmyS

    DCS Vivaldi

    I bought the clock at the same time as my DAC and Upsampler, and recently hooked up my SACD player to spin a CD via the upsampler and the system sounded broken. Borrowed a SACD player with a clock input to try and system sounded great. That clock really makes a difference in overall music...
  28. JimmyS

    New Magico speaker - new M5?

    I think this is a great excuse for a weekend holiday trip to the east coast with the wife :).
  29. JimmyS

    New Magico speaker - new M5?

    This increasing price gap means my S3's will stick around awhile longer.

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