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    Spectral DMC15 / DMC20 operation manual

    Dear friends I need the complete operation manual, Spectral DMC 12 or DMC20. Someone can help me? thank you for your attention jon
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    Tuner Nikko gamma 30

    Hi I bought a Nikko gamma 30 tuner in excellent condition. I want to do a restore and a circuit upgrade. I need the schematic diagram and I think it's on the last page of the instruction manual. Someone can help me? Thank you for your attention. Atentamente/Best Regards Jon
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    Spectral DMA 150 Upgrade

    Hi I recently bought, Spectral DMA 150 series I, in excellent condition. I like your signature, but without focus and sound closed. Curiously one channel is better than the other. The doubt is .... if it is possible to upgrade to series II or it is preferable to upgrade (capacitors...
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    Wadia 6

    Dear Sir´s I have a varied collection of CD's, and I'm about to get a Wadia 6 for a great price. It will be used as transport. The dac is external. The question is, if using the dac of the wadia 6 is it 18 or 20 bit? The manual says it is 20 bit, but the chip-set DAC is 4x AD1864N-K, 18bit...

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