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  1. jcmusic

    Direct Wired Out Using Audio Cards

    I read where Tony had done this with his A80, I am wondering if I can do the same or similar to my Otari MTR 10? Does anyone have any info or insight on this?
  2. jcmusic

    WTB A Tascam or Otari Console R2R

    I am looking for another deck preferably one of the two mentioned in the title, I would also like it to be a console type or in a rolling stand. Cosmetics are important but not a show stopper!!!
  3. jcmusic

    WTB Studer A80

    I am still looking for one of these machines, contact me if you have a lead on one for sale. Thanks Jay
  4. jcmusic

    FS Bottlehead Tube Rerpo

    If you are reading this you already know what it is and what it does and how much it cost new!!! With that said I am selling mine because I no longer have a deck for it, I used it with my Studer A810 the one UPS destroyed and then lost!!! So I have no more need of it, it is in perfect condition...
  5. jcmusic

    [SOLD] VPI Scoutmaster and Upgrades

    I am selling my scoutmaster with sds, outer ring and center weight. Also have a Cloud and Mint tractor for it, I am the original owner and will include a new rebuilt Dyna 20x for my asking price. $3000, I am open to offers also. I will post pic's later it is in perfect condition smoke free home...
  6. jcmusic

    Soundsmith vs Dyna Sound

    I am wanting know what the difference in sound is from these two co.? If anyone has info please comment. jay
  7. jcmusic

    Redpoint in Da House

    New to me Redpoint Model D TT in the house!!! Thought I would share my newst edtion...
  8. jcmusic

    Triplanar And Cartridge

    I am looking for a good matching cartridge for a Triplanar VII? Trying to stay in the 1.0 mv output range, any advice??? i wanted to add that currently I am using a Dyna 20X 1.0 mv into 47k phono stage and do like the sound, just wanting a lil more detail without giving up anything else. I do...
  9. jcmusic

    Opinions Please Red Point Model D

    I am thinking about a possible upgrade from my VPI Scoutmaster to a Red Point Model D tt, it is used but in excellent condition and I think it has a Triplanner arm with ZYX Universe cart. Now I am certain this would be a slight step up!!! Does anyone know the value of one of these from around...
  10. jcmusic

    Need A New TV

    I am needing a new TV, haven't bought a TV in 10 years. So I want 50-60 inches HDTV of course what would be best way to go 1080p or 4k?
  11. jcmusic

    Using RTA To Get A Curve

    Anyone here ever try using the RTA feature of REW to get a nice sounding curve? If so what settings did you use and how does the curve look when measured using the sweep measurement?
  12. jcmusic

    Impulse Response Measurement

    This is the current IR of my speakers from the LP.
  13. jcmusic

    Fostex Tweeters

    Anyone here using or have any expirence with these, more specificly the 90A's???
  14. jcmusic

    Advice For Using A Mint Tractor

    I ordered a mint yesterday any tips for using it???
  15. jcmusic

    Quantegy 407 Tape

    I ran into quite a few of these pancake type reels of this tape new old stock, just wondering about it's performance ability???
  16. jcmusic

    Adjusting The VTA On The Fly

    Should I be able to hear the change in sound when adjusting the VTA on the fly? I should start with a level to the record surface arm and adjust a little up or down and listen for the sweet spot, correct?
  17. jcmusic

    Possible Upgrade Time

    I have a Scoutmaster JMW9 and Dyna 20X 1.0 mv version now thinking about a move up, doesn't have to be MC. Maybe a new tonearm if that will bring better results....Any advice?
  18. jcmusic

    Time Alignment For Subs

    Is there a simple or basic way to time align my subs to the mains???
  19. jcmusic

    Expert Advice Wanted Here

    Please look at these curves and tell me what you see, these are taken at one meter from each speaker. Mic is Berhinger 8000 with cal.file and REW soundcard cal. too. Blue is left channel.
  20. jcmusic

    A810 Repairs and Service

    I am needing to send my Studer out for repair does anyone know what would be the closest place to New Orleans, La. to send it? Or where ever for that matter?
  21. jcmusic

    45 Day Trial Begins

    I bought a sub to try in my 2 channel system, this will be the first time I have ever tried a sub in 2 channel. I am just hoping i can get it to blend in somewhat with my mains, which are pretty flat to about 90hz. I think I will start by crossing over the sub/mains at 100hz and work from there...
  22. jcmusic

    MM and AP Still Sealed Blue Note 45RPM Albums

    Here is a list of what i am looking to trade or sell: Jay Joe Henderson-Inner Urge Hank Mobley-BN1550 Curtis Fuller-The Opener Grant Green-The Madador Sonny Rollins-BN1542 Wayne Shorter-JuJu Jackie McLean-Swing Swang Swinging Horace Silver-Tokyo Blues Kenny Dorham-Whistle...
  23. jcmusic

    Records Anyone

    These are all the MM and AP LP's I have yet to open, looks like I have alot of cleaning and listening to do. LOL!!! Jay
  24. jcmusic

    Bass Tightening

    What would be the best economical way to just tighten up the bass in my room using some type of treatments??? The room is 13.5X16X8 I sit 11' from the speakers and there is no back wall. The back of the room opens up to a hallway, bar, and kitchen. Speakers are in the front corners they are...
  25. jcmusic

    Speaker Cables With SET Low Powered Amp

    I am looking to try some different speaker cables, does anyone here have any advice on which cables with an SET amp? I have always used copper willing to try silver... Jay
  26. jcmusic

    New Tapes

    Hi guys I have been away for awhile with other interest, so what's the latest on new tapes and where to get them? Jay
  27. jcmusic

    4 Track Head On Studer A810

    Has anyone added a 4 track head to their Studer A810 2 track deck to have the ability to play 4 track tapes and 2 track tapes like the Otari 5050 B2? Jay
  28. jcmusic

    This Is My Other Hobby

    I thought I would share my other hobby and passion with you guys, tell me what you think!!! Jay
  29. jcmusic

    FS Bottlehead Tube Repro

    I am selling my BH tube repro unit, it works just fine and comes with a set of tubes. It is in perfect condition, I am thinking around $2500. Email me at We can negotiate the price some. Jay
  30. jcmusic


    I am trying to remember if we have a classified or for sale section here? If so where is it or can I just post something for sale? Jay

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