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  1. Vicov

    Blue Note 80th Anniversary.

    I couldn’t let this milestone (excuse the pun) year pass without a mention. Indeed, I spent the last wet weekend foraging the depths of Qobuz exploring the Blue Note catalogue and there is a real treasure trove of music there. A perfect source to fill the gaps in your collection. As my guide &...
  2. Vicov


    I don’t know if this flies in the face of common wisdom but after fiddling around with Ultra SS’ in both three & four per component configuration, I concluded the following: Under my source component, (Melco N1A/2 streamer) my preference is 3 Ultra SS’ with cap UP. However, under my Amp (Vitus...
  3. Vicov

    My modest little set up.

    Stripped down two box system. Melco N1A/2 + Vitus Audio RI100/DAC + Avalon Idea. Speaker cable is Tellurium Q Ultra Black, USB cable is Tellurium Q Silver Diamond. Equipment sits on Stillpoints Ultra SS.
  4. Vicov

    UK Calling

    Greetings from Warwickshire, UK. I’m a music lover first & foemost & accept that faithful reproduction of recorded music in the home is an art in itself & can be achieved in many ways by all manner of equipment. My listening is largely made up of Jazz (from all compass points) & baroque. My...

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