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    Seeking general input on why my fridge is making POP sounds

    Hi guys, I know this is a "best of" forum. I thought there would be a thread for asking about issues. Didn't see it. Any how here goes..if you're going to remove my post so be it... About 2 months ago I bought a cheap fridge from Best Buy. A $550 Insignia 18-cbft size. One of the smallest...
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    Q: My old fridge his making a sudden "thWHACK" sound

    Recently, I've noticed a "thWHACK" sound coming from the back of my old fridge (came with the condo unit I bought several years ago. What is this about? Is it a simple "fix"? Dirty coils? Or is this fridge "dying"? :) It still does what it's supposed to. Freezer section works. as does the "keep...
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    Washing Machine + Service Man Woes

    I did a full wash right after he left. :) NOTHING!! :)) No water leakage. Appliance Gods were having a little fun with me. HEH! Let's make his washing machine spring a leak yet not do it when tested by technician. :) This "dryer attached to top of washer" was the builder's appliance...
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    Washing Machine + Service Man Woes

    A few nights ago I go to do my laundry. When my washing machine was done I went to check. Planning to remove items and toss in the dryer. Found a puddle of water under my washing machine. Could see it wasn't from the wall. So the next day (today) I contact a service company. Man comes and tests...
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    Getting nasty cooking smell out of microwave

    Recently I decided to use my microwave to cook raw salmon. Put a piece of paper towel over it. BIG MISTAKE. Ended up drying out the salmon and burning the paper towel a little. leaving a nasty "burnt smell". So I tried making mint green tea (boiling water not using the microwave). Then later...

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