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    Skogrand cables

    Anyone got experience of these?
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    Lampizator Phonostage

    Anyone heard this yet? Think they are due with retailers / distributors shortly.
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    Building bass traps into the ceiling?

    Has anyone got experience of building bass traps into the ceiling? We're about to replace our listening room ceiling (that is also our living room), and wondering if I should consider integrating some sound treatment at the same time. Am specifically looking at treating a 50Hz peak in a room...
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    DaaDs - any experiences?

    Anyone got experience of the Dead room treatments by Acustica?
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    Preos Phono Stage settings

    Anyone have a diagram for the dip switches on a Preos (1st version) for setting cart loadings?
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    Recommend me a set-up tool(s).....

    Just got an AMG Viella which has been set up by the dealer. I'm keen to learn the ropes of good set-up though, so would appreciate some recommendations on tools I should get. The arm is AMG's 12" which I'm unlikely to change, the cart is AMG's Teatro, which I may swap in / out at some stage...
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    Coincident Statement Linestage

    Got one of these on loan at the moment and deeply impressed. Like a very good passive with added drive.....which design-wise is exactly what it is. Anyone else got experience?
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    Thomas Mayer pre-amps?

    Anyone any experience of these?
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    New Kaya series launched

    Only seen the one story about this - looks interesting......
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    Recommend me a SS pre.....

    A pre-amp is the last piece of the jigsaw for my new system (Lampi GG -> ?? -> Berning Quadrature Z -> Wilson Benesch Resolution). I've listened to a couple of passive TVCs (MFA, Bespoke) and like their simplicity and transparency. I've listened to a couple of valve designs (ARC Ref 10...

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