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  1. J

    New System Ordered, but further suggestions needed and appreciated

    Congratulations on a great system it should offer many years of enjoyment. You can never go wrong with Pass.
  2. J

    Time for new cartridge, suggestions?

    You can buy weights that attach to the top of your headshell for about $5 on ebay much cheaper than the screws. I used one wen I changed to a Soundsmith cartridge on my VPI
  3. J

    Original VPI Scout - The audiophiles best kept secret?

    Another VPI Scout iwner here.Has anyone tried an XLR connector box on their VPI What were the results? I find the clamp does help coupling the lp to the platter. Has anyone tried a different screw down weight.
  4. J

    Magnepan Bass Problems?

    Yes the Parasound Hint with 1.7 is pure magic.
  5. J

    Amplifiers for 3.7i, what's your suggestion?

    Pass 250.8 with 3.7i complete control. With the 1.7i I was very happy with a Parasound Hint.

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