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  1. ack

    Exotic never before seen particle [tetra-quark] discovered at CERN - this could be huge

    The Large Hadron Collider Beauty (LHCb) project has observed an exotic particle made up of four charm quarks for the first time. The LHCb...
  2. ack

    Something special for @LL21

    Congratulations and enjoy in great health!
  3. ack

    Does Magico have a "house sound", and if so, how would you describe it?

    Each speaker manufacturer worth his/her salt measures and knows their speakers' dispersion patterns, and recommend in their manuals optimal positioning, including toe-in. Magico speakers' dispersion patterns do not seem to support zero toe-in, and they are not alone. This is contrary to horns...
  4. ack

    Magico A5s arrive at Rhapsody....color me confused;)

    Any word on a new M3? It has consistently left me unmoved, and I had high expectations.
  5. ack

    The coming Magico M Series Flagship

    best to post this on the M9 thread?!?
  6. ack

    Two black holes merging into larger third may have produced flash of light

    The researchers think that once the two black holes merged together, the force of the collision sent the newly formed black hole careening through the gas of the accretion disk around the larger black hole. "It is the reaction of the gas to this speeding bullet that creates a bright flare...
  7. ack

    Spectral's website

    So the initial word is that the 500SV has some parts not available when the 500AR came out (the AR did feature the Super Veloce topology). Not sure if this results in sonic improvements, but time will tell. Really glad more folks will be able to experience these amps.
  8. ack

    Two black holes merging into larger third may have produced flash of light

    In an announcement on Thursday, astronomers described the detection of an epistemological marvel: an invisible collision of invisible objects — black holes — had become briefly visible. The story goes like this: Long, long ago, about 4 billion years before now and in a faraway galaxy, a pair of...
  9. ack

    Spectral's website

    I see that Goodwin's put up the following announcement, marking them "flagship" Spectral DMA-500SV Reference Mono Power Amp. Spectral Audio has just announced their new flagship 500 class mono amp! Details to be announced as soon as they are made available.
  10. ack

    Magico News Letter

    Glad to see they are actually using N52 neodymium magnets, NOT N48 as they claimed for the M9 press release: All our M and most of the S and A Series drivers use a single, super-sized N52 Neodymium ring magnet.
  11. ack

    Spectral's website

    I have to also admit that, if these 500SV sound as good as the 500AR or better, then I am glad they are bringing that thrilling, stupendous sound to the "masses"; under that hypothetical scenario, they would be must-audition class, and maybe sell-the-farm. If you are following my system thread...
  12. ack

    Spectral's website

    Don't know anything about the "500SV"; price will tell a lot, and I am sure you'll find details on Goodwin's website in due time. And I guess, still no phono this year; UGH!!!! Thankfully, I finally fixed my XP-25 to be able to use max gain (76dB) plus 47K loading for great dynamics and very low...
  13. ack

    Avalon Osiris , my next project!

    Depending on your room, the Osiris may just leave you breathless, at least it has for me in the past, on a number of occasions. I think it is telling that, to this day, the local dealer still has a picture of that fantastic Spectral/Osiris/MIT system that I heard so many times, on his web site...
  14. ack

    X-ray image of the known universe
  15. ack

    Indications of The Solar Axion - strong dark matter candidate class of particles - ?

    There is world-wide excitement about something detected which we don't what it really is Deep beneath the mountains of Gran Sasso in Italy, the world's most sensitive dark matter experiment has made a surprise detection. No, it's not dark matter. Instead, the experiment has detected...
  16. ack

    Are Transports Obsolete?

    This is why we are ruthless, because music is all that matters, and no one cares how much money people spend. Black Box.
  17. ack

    new---Berlin Philharmonic Direct to Disc Bruckner No.7 Box Set---order while you can!

    Totally agree here wrt Chasing the Dragon and those LPs, which I also have.
  18. ack

    ack's system - end of round 1

    I'll be very curious what they'll recommend for a digital cable for their transport. With my transport/DACs, I can easily demonstrate significant drop in performance with cheap cables vs the MIT (AES/EBU) or Illuminati D-60 (SPDI/F).
  19. ack

    ack's system - end of round 1

    Yeah, same here, after all the latest mods. But redbook is now also so incredibly good to listen to; really curious to listen to the Yggy2 with hi-rez digital.
  20. ack

    ack's system - end of round 1

    My guess is it'll be hard to be beat my transport, at any price; but sure, I'll try anything, you never know. At the end of the day though, you can't fix fix stupid and you can't fix USB. But I've been wrong before... You should see my son - the musician - how transfixed he is with the Yggy2...
  21. ack

    ack's system - end of round 1

    Marc, it's noise and non-linearity (sorry, just seeing this question of yours); USB interrupts every few seconds to query for new hardware plugged in or out, among other things. USB is just plain sh*t by design and never meant for streaming, sorry. Next chapter: 30 seconds says it all about the...
  22. ack

    Magico M9

    Magico says "Magico M9 Inverse Horn Cavity"
  23. ack

    Magico M9

    This is just ART
  24. ack

    Magico M9

    EXACTLY that
  25. ack

    Magico M9

    Never seen anything like this
  26. ack

    Best Bosendorfer Piano Recordings

    This is the second one I have
  27. ack

    Magico M9

    This is a big part why I never went back to dynamic speakers, and a point I've made to my friends a number of times over the years - how can you possibly fit effectively an entire orchestra through a 6-inch midrange. However, we don't know how the spectrum is distributed in many a high-end...
  28. ack

    Magico M9

    What Alon is probably saying is that the passive components would have been so massive so as to lose a lot of the energy, as opposed to a little; he must have needed large cap and/or inductor values. And he may just wanted the option of in-situ adjustments; like many, I have also found them...

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