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    Neat trick to facilitate Ultrasonic cleaning

    I am about to start US cleaning for the 1st time soon. From what I've read it's important to give the vinyl a good rinse after the US process. So in effect, is the sponge wipe you suggest the only rinse? I am planning to use a small pump up sprayer and give a final rinse with DI water.
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    Neat trick to facilitate Ultrasonic cleaning

    A large micro fibre sponge wetted with "what"?
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    New Pangea interconnects from Audio Advisor

    Still nobody has auditioned the Pangea interconnects?
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    Backert Labs preamps

    With the ease of rolling tubes in the Rhumba, I would think you can customize the sound to your liking.
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    Backert Labs preamps

    Thanks guys, I just sent an email to Andy for some info. I have an old Dynaco PAS4 that I am considering updating. Not in the same league as the Rhumba but still a decent piece. I was wrong on the amp they have, it's not the Symphony but I guess you guys knew that already :)
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    Backert Labs preamps

    To my knowledge they have the Rhumba and I believe the Symphony...the former being the less expensive one. Do you know if they do mods on amps not made by them?
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    Backert Labs preamps

    From a little research here, Bob Backert is no stranger to many of you. I had the opportunity to audition for a week one of Backert Labs new preamps...the Rhumba 1.1 I'm not sure where they retail these but if you get a chance to hear it you will not be sorry. I wish I had the budget right...

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