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  1. Sunnyboy1956

    CJ GAT for sale

    An excellent condition CJ GAT serial no 42. Will throw in a pair of rare, uber expensive NOS Telefunken Cca tubes bought for USD 1250 a pair from Brent Jesse. Original packing . Will ship from Singapore. 220v can easily be converted. PM if interested Pradeep
  2. Sunnyboy1956

    Carts for sale

    I have an excellent condition Lyra Atlas with original packing etc and a retipped Ortofon A95 in mint condition for sale. Do PM if you want more details Pradeep
  3. Sunnyboy1956

    Choice for a 2nd tone arm : Durand Kairos vs Reed 3P

    I have decided to mount a 2nd tone arm on my TW AC . Both the Durand Kairos and the Reed 3P are in my short list and in broadly the same price zone. I am looking to forum members who have ownership or listening experience of either or both arms. I am not interested in a "which is better" opinion...
  4. Sunnyboy1956

    Some big tubes

    Thanks to a iphone6 I am posting a few pics of my system and the room Thanks for looking Cheers Pradeep
  5. Sunnyboy1956

    Re tipping a Lyra

    My 2 year old Lyra Atlas with possibly 2000 + hrs has lost the diamond stylus tip. The cantilever is ram rod straight and I suspect the diamond stylus got dislodged between LPs. Totally baffling. My query to any WBF member : how easy and/or expensive is it to get the Lyra re tipped ? Did you...
  6. Sunnyboy1956

    Most disappointing music purchase

    Bob Dylan in the 80s Vol 1. If you are a die hard Dylan fan like me , this has to be THE most disappointing album buy in recent memory. Maybe I am just old fashioned, but the leit motif if not the USP of Dylan's music are the lyrics. If you are going to drown the lyrics in a dirge of amplified...
  7. Sunnyboy1956

    Greetings from New Delhi,India

    I need to start with a mild apology. Started posting without first introducing myself. That was remiss of me. Have several friends /acquaintances on WBF from other sites . Am at the pinnacle of a 40 year audio journey : 150 wpc SET mono bloc amps, CJ GAT, Rockport Aviors in a all tube and...

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