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    Scientists Start Assembling The World's Largest Nuclear Fusion Experiment

    Fourteen years after receiving the official go-ahead, scientists on Tuesday began assembling a giant machine in southern France designed to demonstrate that nuclear fusion, the process which powers the Sun, can be a safe and viable energy source on Earth. The groundbreaking multinational...
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    Just Saturn

    Hubble Just Took an Astonishingly Detailed Image of Saturn
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    No Longer in Shadows, Pentagon’s U.F.O. Unit Will Make Some Findings Public

    Related to those Air Force UFO videos we have seen and discussed Mr. Elizondo is among a small group of former government officials and scientists with security clearances who, without presenting physical proof, say they are convinced that objects of undetermined origin have crashed on earth...
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    First-Ever Direct Image of Planets Around a Sun-Like Star

    Two gas giants Just over 300 light-years away is a star that's a lot like a very young version of our Sun, with multiple exoplanets orbiting it. That's an interesting find in itself. But what makes the system truly dazzling is that it just became the first of its kind to be directly imaged...
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    Scientists Reveal The Largest-Ever 3D Map of The Universe
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    Beyond the Milky Way, a Galactic Wall

    Astronomers have discovered that there is a vast wall across the southern border of the local cosmos. The South Pole Wall, as it is known, consists of thousands of galaxies — beehives of trillions of stars and dark worlds, as well as dust and gas — aligned in a curtain arcing across at least 700...
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    The Schiit Yggdrasil 2 DAC

    The Summary We have praised its virtues in many a thread, but after some 6 months of ownership, I felt it deserved its own thread. Initial thoughts were posted under Al M's system thread with his own unit...
  8. ack

    Exotic never before seen particle [tetra-quark] discovered at CERN - this could be huge

    The Large Hadron Collider Beauty (LHCb) project has observed an exotic particle made up of four charm quarks for the first time. The LHCb...
  9. ack

    Two black holes merging into larger third may have produced flash of light

    In an announcement on Thursday, astronomers described the detection of an epistemological marvel: an invisible collision of invisible objects — black holes — had become briefly visible. The story goes like this: Long, long ago, about 4 billion years before now and in a faraway galaxy, a pair of...
  10. ack

    X-ray image of the known universe
  11. ack

    Indications of The Solar Axion - strong dark matter candidate class of particles - ?

    There is world-wide excitement about something detected which we don't what it really is Deep beneath the mountains of Gran Sasso in Italy, the world's most sensitive dark matter experiment has made a surprise detection. No, it's not dark matter. Instead, the experiment has detected...
  12. ack

    Quantum Entanglement - the next milestone

    Quantum physicists have set a new record for collecting a persistent group of entangled atoms together, getting 15 trillion atoms to co-exist in a "hot and messy" cloud of gas. Quantum entanglement is the phenomenon at the heart of quantum physics, where two particles can mysteriously influence...
  13. ack

    ALMA discovers massive rotating disk in early universe

    ALMA radio image of the Wolfe Disk, seen when the universe was only ten percent of its current age. In most galaxy formation scenarios, galaxies only start to show a well-formed disk around 6 billion years after the Big Bang. The fact that the astronomers found such a disk galaxy when the...
  14. ack

    Witnessing the birth of a planet

    The disc around the young AB Aurigae star, where the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope has spotted signs of planet birth. Close to the center, in the inner region of the disc, is the "twist" (in very bright yellow) that scientists believe marks the spot where a planet is...
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    First animal that doesn't require oxygen to survive

    Earlier this year, scientists discovered that a jellyfish-like parasite doesn't have a mitochondrial genome - the first multicellular organism known to have this absence. That means it doesn't breathe; in fact, it lives its life completely free of oxygen dependency. This discovery isn't just...
  16. ack

    Jupiter in infrared
  17. ack

    A black hole just 1000 light years from Earth

    In a trio-star system visible with the naked eye This nearby black hole has evaded detection so far since it's very small, and very quiet - detecting black holes is that much harder when they aren't actively slurping down matter from their surrounding space, since they neither emit nor reflect...
  18. ack

    Pentagon formally releases 3 Navy videos showing "unidentified aerial phenomena"

    These videos have been discussed here before, and now they are officially released Washington — The Pentagon on Monday formally released three unclassified videos taken by Navy pilots that have circulated for years showing interactions with "unidentified aerial phenomena." One of the videos...
  19. ack

    Why is there matter - perhaps a step closer to finding out

    For matter to exist, the matter/anti-matter symmetry must be broken, or there would just be energy. But how is this done... and age-old question, but we may be closer to finding a good answer, if not the answer, and at the heart of it, at the moment, are neutrinos. This is a long article, but...
  20. ack

    Star dancing around supermassive black hole proves Einstein right

    The pictures says it all Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, is surrounded by orbiting stars thanks to its mammoth gravitational pull. For decades, astronomers have been observing one specific star in this region, and new research proves once...
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    What's the state of the high end audio industry during the pandemic?

    A while ago we predicted a precipitous drop. What are you folks hearing? Are manufacturers open? Who? Are they repairing equipment? Is anyone buying?
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    Superconductivity Has Been Discovered in Meteorites For The First Time

    Scientists have found naturally occurring superconducting materials in extraterrestrial objects for the first time, discovering superconductive grains embedded inside two distinct meteorites that crash-landed on Earth. The discovery is just the latest to show that meteorites are much more than...
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    Krzysztof Penderecki

  24. ack

    Krzysztof Penderecki RIP

    Very unfortunate
  25. ack

    Infinite Visions Were Hiding in the First Black Hole Image’s Rings

    How about this: What if light from our solar system reached M87 and that light was jettisoned back to us, at some point in the future. Enter photon rings around a black hole A year ago a team of radio astronomers startled the world with the first photograph of a black hole, lurking like the eye...
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    On this exoplanet it rains iron on half the planet

    Nature will never cease to amaze On one particularly hot planet, hundreds of light-years away from Earth, the forecast is cloudy with a chance of liquid iron rain. Scientists recently discovered the bizarre exoplanet, which they referred to as one of the most "extreme" they've ever observed...
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    Ancient Black Hole as Heavy as a Billion Suns Is Pointed Right At Us

    What are the chances... The blazar—powered by an extremely bright black hole that can blast a hole through galaxies—is the most ancient ever discovered, sending radio signals from the early universe Scientists have discovered the oldest and most distant “blazar,” a supermassive black hole...

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