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  1. Stacore

    Sakuma-san passed away

    FYI sad news from the Goodsoundclub: "On Sunday, December 13, Mr. Sakuma who was hospitalized due to poor physical condition passed away. Wednesday, funeral Date and time Tuesday (18th) Wednesday from 18 o'clock Wednesday (19th) Farewell ceremony From 12:30 Place Tateyama shi Yamauchi Rokusaburo...
  2. Stacore

    WTB: FR-64S arm

    Hi all, Looking for the classic FR-64s arm (the -s steel version only, not the -fx alu!) in a very good shape, pref. still with the original package. Thank you for looking,
  3. Stacore

    Hello from the Baltic coast!

    Hi everybody! I'm Jarek Korbicz from Gdansk, Poland. I run (together with my business partner Bogdan Stasiak) a small, privately owned company designing and handcrafting advanced pneumatic anti-vibration platforms Physicist by profession, audio has been my long time...

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