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    Ian's Audio Set-Up

    Here is my partially completed listening room with Advanced Acoustics foam in the corners and GIK panels at the back and sides. Eventually the corners will have curtaining so that the set-up is visually more acceptable. The Magico M3 speakers are ideal for the room - producing a clean extended...
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    "Voicing" and its incidence in audio electronics

    Many of us might define “voicing” as the fine tuning of their audio system to gain an optimal match of source, amplifier, speaker, cables, room and personal preference. And some manufacturers might admit to voicing their loudspeakers on the grounds that (a) such a device is far from perfect...
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    I thought it was 1st April

    Found on a very high end and very serious forum: "He never uses remote to chose track on CD because it does not sound as good as choosing manually" Can anyone better this?
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    What's Best Value Forum - Christmas Thread

    As it is the season of goodwill, if one could spend not £50,000 or £100,000 but just £5,000 or $7,000 on a complete system, what would it be? Rules: 1. single source only; 2. no more than five boxes eg two speakers, one amplifier, a dac and transport or a laptop and digital box; (turntable, arm...
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    How come Devialet does not have a manufacturers thread when, of those threads, it is more popular than 49 of them and less popular than only 5?

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