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  1. joeinid

    The ART27A - an extraordinary fine musical instrument

    Thank you RJ. Always love to read your thoughts on new gear.
  2. joeinid

    KeithR's "Dream Speaker" Search

    Keith, I have never been as happy with a set of speakers as I am with my Avantgarde Duo XD. Absolutely wonderful speakers.
  3. joeinid

    Tube amps with TAD CR-1's ? Recommendations ?

    So far my Luxman MQ300 and First Watt SIT3 take the lead.
  4. joeinid

    Tube amps with TAD CR-1's ? Recommendations ?

    Hi Lloyd, Yes it’s been a while. I have Avantgarde Duo XD now and a variety of amps. I’m ecstatic with these speakers. Absolutely wonderful.
  5. joeinid

    Tube amps with TAD CR-1's ? Recommendations ?

    I’m sure the Doshi are wonderful. I tried just about everything (and I mean everything) on my CR-1 but had to move on after about 2 years. Everything was great in its own way, but I could not shake the forwardness of the treble of my TADs. It was just too in my face for me and seemed a couple of...
  6. joeinid

    New 211 & 300

    Good news, thank you.
  7. joeinid

    A small upgrade in amplification

    Congratulations RJ. So happy for you. I love your enthusiasm. Enjoy your new amps in the best of health.
  8. joeinid

    My new BMW M2

    Huge congratulations Keith, absolutely beautiful.
  9. joeinid

    Question for PeterA - Any plans to move to Pass point 8 amps in the future?

    Just curious if you've thought about replacing your XA160.5 amps with any Pass Labs point 8 amps? Thank you!
  10. joeinid

    Pass xa25

    I have one on order. Could be a week or two before I see it.
  11. joeinid

    Recommend me a SS pre.....

    I’m using the C900u with D’Agostino M400 monos and love the combo. They complement each other very well.
  12. joeinid

    FS: darTZeel NHB-108 Model One B with SNCP - latest and greatest

    I have also purchased from Adam. Shipped to NY. A true gentleman and totally above board and honest. I have the utmost respect for Adam. Buy with confidence.
  13. joeinid

    Auditioning a Luxman D-08U

    Great news caeser, thank you for your post.
  14. joeinid

    Auditioning a Luxman D-08U

    If I remember correctly, the D-06u gets very high praise as well. Good luck. I don’t know what the differences are between the u and non u versions. I’ll try and find out.
  15. joeinid

    Auditioning a Luxman D-08U

    I’m sure it’s still a good unit but certainly not current. I’m glad we could straighten this out.
  16. joeinid

    Auditioning a Luxman D-08U

    The Luxman should be great. Are you sure it’s the D-08u and not the regular D-08?
  17. joeinid

    Luxman D-08u CD/SACD player & DAC at AXPONA

    +1, the C900u preamp is wonderful. I’d love to hear the M900u amp and D-08u sacd/dac as well.
  18. joeinid

    Recommend me a SS pre.....

    Thank you Caelin, I absolutely believe that. It was a wonderful piece.
  19. joeinid

    Recommend me a SS pre.....

    Several years ago, 2 friends and I went to hear Rockport speakers with Hegel and Constellation gear. The Constellation amp did not sound right on the speakers while the Hegel was wonderful. I have to say that the Constellation preamp on the Hegel H30 was a glorious combination. The Hegel P30...
  20. joeinid

    Reno Hi-Fi took all prices on Pass products off their website?????

    I think for the most part, Reno has the upper hand. I don’t believe Acoustic Sounds or others have much of a chance but I suspect things are slowly changing. I believe Mark does have great product knowledge being that’s his only line. He can offer a guide but only trying an actual piece in your...
  21. joeinid

    Reno Hi-Fi took all prices on Pass products off their website????? Looks like I see some prices listed. Problem solved.
  22. joeinid

    Pass Labs XP-22

    Any thoughts on how the new XP-12 compares to the older series, XP-10 and XP-20?
  23. joeinid


    I've never seen one but there are a few nearby according the the map. I am way too afraid to jump into something like that. It's out of my comfort zone.
  24. joeinid

  25. joeinid

    Triode Corporation Ltd. Junone Reference M212 Amplifier

    I know a few others as well as myself with the Triode TRX-M845 amps. They really are wonderful, especially if you use the zero feedback setting and the RCA inputs. My stereo is on 12+ hours a day and any tube amp is really impractical for me so I have them listed. The sound is big, 3D, open...
  26. joeinid

    Speaker Shootout - Two of the Most Accurate and Well Reviewed Speakers Ever Made

    PM sent. I have to be honest, TADs are my least favorite speaker. Too forward for my taste and I never found a combo for them that made me love them. They do some wonderful things and sound great at low to moderate levels. Turn things up a little and they made me wince. Some here will think...
  27. joeinid

    Pass Labs and McIntosh

    Pass and McIntosh work beautifully together.

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