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    Grimm MU-1 server review - A new force in digital source?

    6Moons review of Grimm MU-1 by M&H I have waited a long time to get the right server. I think I have found one that serves the purpose especially for streaming Tidal and Qobuz. Though this is not a cheap unit, it certainly needs to be compared in listening to the higher brands out there like...
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    R.I.P. A.J. Conti (Basis Turntables)

    Devastating news folks. Just heard from Mikey Fremer that A.J. Conti passed away. He had a massive heart attack while watching his son's football game. He was 59. A true gentleman, and a great sounding board for all of us who use his products. May his soul rest in eternal peace...
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    Audio Exotics Show 2016 - a show like no other

    This was the top room - with Cessaro Carmen Speakers, Wadax Statement Phono trio and Atlantis Statement DAC, Vertere RG-1/Arm and Ultimate platform + Etsuro cartridge, Engstrom Monica Ref Pre + Super Ref ERIC power amp, Tripoint Emperor AC plus Ground, and Skogrand Beethoven Cables. Amazing...
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    Two new Tape Title opportunities, available for about a week

    As a few of us love the sound of tape and know how limited it is on source material. I have sometimes made the attempt to reach out to the artists that own their own content and are willing to share their music in a better format and would allow me a copy of their work. So through my...
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    Ella Fitzgerald -Sunshine of your Life - Horch House

    I had bought this title up from Volker at the Munich Show just gone. It was recorded in 1964 by Norman Granz. And in the liner notes Norman said, "when Ella heard it played back she thought it was the best 'live' recording of her ever done". There is big band accompanying Ella on tape 1...
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    Munich High End Show 2015 There are a few comments with the photo's wherever just makes it much easier to load them up on flickr as there are close to 300 photos in decent resolution. Some prototypes on display too. Below are some samples in low rez.
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    The amount of Hifi components stocked in Seoul shops!!!!

    I was in Seoul for work, when I had the afternoon off, a few months back. LG had just announced in the press their new 4K OLED TV's. And I was really keen on seeing it. So I went to their 'electronic section' of town, searching to view this new technology. All I came upon were small...
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    Singapore Hifi Show Nov 28-30th

    I went to Adelphi where there are quite a few hifi shops and it was extremely quiet. I was thinking if this was a sign of the times? Apparently not! Everyone was at the Singapore hifi show, held at the Park Royal on Kitchener Road. I had no idea there was the annual Hifi show...
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    Analog-Audio master tapes (Lutz Precision), another RTR and LP software player

    If you remember reading Mike Fremer's article from the Munich Show, talking about the Oscar Peterson 6 box tapes? Well these guys have them, apart from the others tapes they have released too. They also have the Oscar Peterson 6LP box set with a...
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    New Software Tape Player - HEMIOLIA Records - Italy

    At the Munich Show Hemiolia Records launched their certified Analogue Tape Recordings and are in the process of bringing out more titles to market. You can hear the samples on their website too. I like the photo of their recording room on their website. I have been in contact with them a month...
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    Poll - Cut off for music purchase-Are you an Audiophile or Musicphile?.

    1-Higher % of music spend than hardware 2-80%-100% - Music Spend related to hardware 3-60%-80% - Music Spend related to hardware 4-50%-60% - Music Spend related to hardware 5-40%-50% - Music Spend related to hardware 6-30%-40% - Music Spend related to hardware 7-20%- 30% -Music Spend...
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    Cut off for music purchase-Are you an Audiophile or Musicphile?

    To the WBF brethren, I am sure a lot of music lovers fall into both camps, where they have a choiceful great (large) physical music collection followed by a mega $ (hundreds of thousands) system. But not all can afford such a system and possibly the music too. So where does one draw...
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    Swiss High End Show 2012

    Link courtesy of an audiophile to the Zurich Audio Show. Check out the site's music downloads available too from the original masters...
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    Italian Audio Show 2012 - Great coverage

    Link courtesy of an audiophile Friend. Six pages of audiophile gear, some brands not seen before. ENJOY...
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    Sydney Audio Show 2012

    The Sydney Audio Show was held a week after RMAF. So we did have quite a few new surprises that were shown at RMAF brought to Sydney. These videos were taken on my new iPad and probably can be seen in 720p. Please do not judge the contents as audio reference material, but just enjoy the...
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    Did anybody hear the New LYRA Atlas at the CES Show, and..........

    what did you think of it. What was the set up and tone arm used...... Would like to hear some feedback from the Audioquest room. Myles, did you get a chance to get to the room? Thanks Neville
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    Munich High End 2011 - Brilliant photo's and lots of them

    Hi All, Please use Google translation for reading text from Chinese to ....... I have to give full credit to this Taiwanese audiophile "Lobular" for placing so many great photo's of fascinating gear -he has worked hard to keep folks like us excited. Clearly a show worth visiting...
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    Hello from Australia

    Hi to all the members, It was with such great delight, that I got to know about this site. As all of us have been on Agon, and I was severly disheartened when I kept following 'there is only one Oneobgyn's" threads and commentary which had come to a sudden stop. I don't wish to persevere...

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