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    Sigma Delta VS. R2R - SW1X

    Slawa Roschkow of SW1X has chosen the R2R architecture over Sigma Delta. Here are his words on the subject: “It is true, the specs of Delta Sigma (DS) chips may look better on paper. In practice, however, they are incomparable to R2R. The stated accuracy numbers of DS DACs are post modulation...
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    The Lotus Group Now Represents SW1X Audio Design of England

    We are very proud to announce that The Lotus Group now represents SW1X of England. The designer, Slawa Roschkow is a huge proponent of Non oversampling, zero flittering R2R tube DACs. We have made the first sale ever of their Level V DAC. This will be custom DAC V Special with the following...
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    The Myth of Diminishing Returns

    I posted this elsewhere on the forum in response to a particular post, but I thought it should stand in its own thread: My idea, "The Myth of Diminishing Returns" was arrived at after years of tweaking some "go for broke" systems. Simply stated, it goes like this: Each new bonafide upgrade...
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    Review of The PranaWire Annapurna Collector/Platform at Audio Exotics Hong Kong

    " The sense of intimacy, pace, rhythm, texture, unfettered dynamics and emotion is unlike anything previously experienced in spite of full assault on all types of noises at Divin Lab. This is a new category of product that qualifies as a “cutting edge game changer” akin to Dalby Pirueta Record...
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    About Us

    The Lotus Group grew out of Joe Cohen's obsession with coaxing highly refined sound from high end hi fi systems – an obsession that has not slackened since the beginning. I began building my own cables in the late eighties, experimenting with various designs often getting better results than...
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    Inexpensive but powerful upgrade from The Lotus Group

    Hi all. Here is a link to a very powerful upgrade that involves the use of fo.Q TA-102 advanced damping material that we distribute. \ It involves applying it to as many electrolytic capacitors in the system as you are willing to...
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    Advanced Record Cleaning Rev. II - A recipe for building an articulated, weighted and vibrating brush

    Here is a link to my blog on building a simple and inexpensive but highly effective articulated vibrating brush for your existing cleaning machine. Please let me know if you try it and what you learn.

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