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    Problem with Rega Aria Phono Stage

    I currently run a Rega P8 with Aphetta 3 MC cartridge. I have been using a Rega Aria Phonostage and it has recently begun to cause a low level buzz in my speakers once it warms up. When I first power it on it is dead silent, but after playing an album or two you can hear a low level buzz in...
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    RCM Cleaning brushes

    I just cleaned 200 albums. 100 I used the VPI brushes that come with the HW1. The other 100 I used the Mofi brushes. My results were interesting. I found the Mofi brushes much easier to use and control to protect the record labels. However of the 100 cleaned with the Mofi brushes, I had to...
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    Clear Audio Smart Matrix Pro - springs

    I like my Clear Audio Smart Matrix Pro - my only complaint is the springs that allow the vacuum tubes to pop up after shutting off the vacuum are not attached and easily fall off the vacuum tube. In the first 2 weeks of ownership I have lost one spring and nearly lost a second one. (yes it is...
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    Clear Audio Double Matrix questions

    I currently clean my albums using the Clear Audio Smart Matrix Pro (very similar to the VPI HW1). I buy a lot of used albums as well as new and I clean everything before putting it on my turntable. I use the AIVS 3 step process and have had great success. I am considering moving to the Clear...
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    AIVS or MOFI for record cleaning system for use with RCM?

    I keep seeing various reports on the use of the AIVS system or the MOFI system for cleaning records with an RCM. I have used AIVS thus far and have been mostly successful, but I occasionally see it on backorder and have trouble procuring it on a timely basis. (I've had it on order with...
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    How many times have you cleaned an LP to try to make it better?

    I clean my LPs trying to eliminate background noise (pops, crackles and clicks not due to scratches). Many times 1 cleaning with my RCM does the job. Other times it seems it does a good job on most of the LP but there are still some areas that can use improvement. I realize there is a...

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