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  1. rad

    Alvin Lee, Rest In Peace, I'm Going Home

    Alvin Lee tragically passed away today after what was described as "unforseen complications following a routine surgical procedure". Lee is best known as a founding member, lead guitarist, singer and songwriter of the English blues-rock band, Ten Years After. Lee went on to enjoy a prominent...
  2. rad

    Wave Kinetics NVS Reference Turntable

    According to the many write ups, I know JT's room was awesome & the Evolution Acoustics Micro ones were a real hit... But I'm very surprised no one has commented the beautiful NVS Reference Turntable? My next Turntable for sure!
  3. rad

    HELLO from the shores of Lake Erie.

    I was told about this site from a friend & have been reading & enjoying for the last week. Many topics & great info. I look forward to participating on the forum & sharing information about this great hobby. I have indulged in this hobby for more than 40 years & never tire of listening...

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