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  1. rbbert

    Tesla solar and Powerwall to power audio system?

    Does anyone have any experience with this? One question I would have is how high quality is the inverter used, and/or is there one of higher quality which could be substituted if wanted. In any case, if there is enough peak current available this would be an intriguing way to potentially avoid...
  2. rbbert

    What is the "just noticeable difference" in audio loudness?

    In references I could find with a quick Google search, the JND for audio loudness is listed as 1 dB. That may well be the level for an obvious JND, but it's hardly the JND for careful listening, which is clearly much less (I would guess somewhere between 0.1 and 0.5 dB). It also is probably...
  3. rbbert

    Hi-res digital vs. RBCD

    In the latest Stereophile, John Atkinson briefly reports on a presentation from the most recent AES Convention in October of this year; a meta-analysis of blind-testing studies which suggests that even under those conditions (i.e. blind testing) listeners can reliably distinguish hi-res digital...
  4. rbbert

    Rename the "Science of Audio" forum

    Following a suggestion from a site owner and administrator, I propose this. Since little actual science is presented or discussed in the above mentioned forum, I would respectfully suggest that the name of the forum be modified to reflect what actually is posted. Somewhat disrespectfully, I...
  5. rbbert

    What's with all the "bogus" hi-res downloads??

    For a while it seemed that there was a fuss about upsampled 16/44.1 files sold as "hi-res", either in SACD's or 24/96 PCM (or even 24/192) and HDTracks responded by more carefully vetting the albums they sold. Now more recently the trend has reversed and there are a lot of "new" titles coming...
  6. rbbert

    Rmaf 2014

    Unless I've missed it, there is no topic for this show less than a month away? I'm probably not going, but I assume some are? Steve, are pictures and a travelog in our future?
  7. rbbert

    A (not so small) miracle?

    Something truly amazing happened to us Tuesday. We have three miniature Dachshunds, ages 8, 9 and 9, all very healthy and active (they hike in the Sierra foothills with us about 50 miles/wk on average). Tuesday just after noon my wife was getting ready to go to work when I noticed that one of...
  8. rbbert

    The ongoing saga of bogus "hi-res" files

    It seems the record labels and HDTracks refuse to "learn". The Allman Brothers Band "The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings" has this note at Pro Studio Masters 96 kHz / 24-bit and 192 kHz / 24-bit* PCM - The Island Def Jam Music Group Studio Masters Analog to Digital Transfers at 96 kHz /...
  9. rbbert

    Old vs. new violins; the perils of blind testing? ;)
  10. rbbert

    Global warming is a myth? NASA Finds 2013 Sustained Long-Term Climate Warming Trend Posted Jan. 21, 2014 NASA scientists say 2013 tied with 2009 and 2006 for the seventh warmest year since 1880, continuing a long-term trend of rising global temperatures. Maps of 2013...
  11. rbbert

    Upgraded power cords for Panasonic ST50 plasmas?

    The Panasonic ST50 series plasmas (and maybe all their plasmas) have a strange IEC plug which won't allow the larger "collar" on most if not all audiophile aftermarket AC cords to fit. Does anyone here know if some good cords do fit or if there is an adaptor (which might lessen any potential...
  12. rbbert

    New Yamaha A-S3000 integrated amplifier?

    The fact that this coming from a company like Yamaha is encouraging to the health of the high-end audio industry, but I do wonder who is likely to buy it. 100 WPC @8 ohms but only 150 WPC @4 ohms, tone controls, phono preamp but no DAC, $8000 MSRP...
  13. rbbert

    audio jack dust covers

    Are people here using covers over unused inputs and outputs? If so, just inputs or outputs also? And if on inputs, shorting or non-shorting? And does anyone feel different brands ofcovers are sonically different?
  14. rbbert

    6SN7's and the Modwright Oppo BDP-105

    As a new (happy?) owner of a Modwright Oppo 105 I'm naturally curious about tube choices. The 6SN7 tubes in its audio section are popular low power tubes for any number of audio components, so what are member's favorite NOS choices? :cool:
  15. rbbert

    What's up with JL Audio?

    Do any of our more informed members know what happened to JL's highly regarded line of Fathom subs?
  16. rbbert

    LP vs. digital from a price perspective?

    I don't want this to get too emotional, but I'm quite curious about others' opinions on this issue. A recent thread at Audio Circle got me to thinking again about the price disparity between LP playback and digital disc playback (not even considering computer > DAC playback). Quite a few...
  17. rbbert

    The Beatles - vinyl from digital "masters"

    So...are others as irritated as I am that Apple is making LP's from the 24/192 files but not releasing them digitally (not that the 24/44.1 versions aren't good, but really)?
  18. rbbert

    RMAF 2012 - who's going?

    Might as well get this thread started here :)
  19. rbbert

    Listening experience at audio shows?

    I don't understand why the lsitening experience at large audio shows should be as bad as audiophile convention says? I know that at last year's RAMF there were some very nice sounding rooms, and other rooms that appeared to have the same physical properties which sounded very poor. At major...
  20. rbbert

    Nad m51?

    This unit is exciting to me for a few reasons. It offers the chance (through its HDMI input and a disc player like an Oppo) to play stereo hi-res content from Bluray, SACD and HDCD (the last as a 24/44.1 signal) through one DAC. It converts everything to PWM (essentially a high bit rate DSD?)...
  21. rbbert

    Perception, science, engineering and high-end audio

    It seems that in this forum, as in so many others, engineering is confused with science. It's not: from Wikipedia "The American Engineers' Council for Professional Development (ECPD, the predecessor of ABET)[1] has defined "engineering" as: The creative application of scientific...
  22. rbbert

    Free books at iBooks store

    I only recently discovered that Apple iBooks store has an amazing number of free books, from Chaucer to Cervantes to Karl Marx to Dickens, Hawthorne, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jules Verne, Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie and over a hundred more renowned and less known authors. Just go to "Browse"...
  23. rbbert

    The Absolute Sound (magazine) take on many aspects of computer assisted music reprodu

    The latest issue of TAS has what (I assume) attempts to be a comprehensive evaluation of several aspects of (what I call) computer assisted music reproduction. I use that terminology because it's not exactly limited to music server use. They attempt to quantitatively rank (but using subjective...
  24. rbbert

    HD Tracks?

    Hopefully Bruce B can answer: What is the possibility that HD Tracks could "remaster" albums that they sell? At least in terms of avoiding the nearly omnipresent over-compression in today's recordings/masterings? Although I don't care for and didn't buy Macca's "Band On The Run", it was...

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