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  1. Barry

    Happy New Year 2018!!!! - What are you having?

    Started early ended early. I like champagne. Tonight's special. What are you having?
  2. Barry

    Off to Santa Fe!

    Wife and I leave tomorrow for Santa Fe for a week. Been there before, but looking for any new suggestions for places to eat, things to do, etc. This time of year is very slow and very cold and snowy, but that's why we're going. Last time, we used GPS to go "the back way" to Taos. We lost the...
  3. Barry

    On our way to Japan

    Wife and I are headed for Tokyo, Kyoto, Shirakawa-go, Nara, Kanazawa, Takayama, Himeji, and Hakone for 17 days. Should be fun. Any suggestions on interesting food/restaurants or sights? Probably not doing any audio related stuff but who knows.
  4. Barry

    Anyone been to Cuba recently?

    My wife and I have been planning to do this for the past two years but instead have ended up all over the East Coast and Oregon (US), in Quebec, Thailand, Laos, the Netherlands, and France. We once planned to go to the Adriatic and ended up in China on a boat in a typhoon instead, but now Cuba...
  5. Barry

    Lyra Etna, Miyajima Labs Madake or....?

    I'd like someone who owns a Lyra Etna to do a detailed review here and describe the cartridge's pluses and minuses and compare the Etna versus their other favorites. The only current review I've seen of the Etna is Fremer's. He seems to spend more time talking about the other cartridges than the...
  6. Barry

    Counterpoint NP220s

    Not much going on here so I thought I'd spice things up with pictures of two NP220 Platinum Plus amps with every option possible and then some. These custom hybrid amps are beautiful sounding and take on the character of whatever tubes are in the front end voltage gain stage. In this case both...
  7. Barry

    Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper Interconnects

    I'm really not a cable fanatic but I tried a pair of these out recently with excellent results and wanted to see if others had any experience with them. I believe these have been out a little over a year now but there are no reviews that I've seen. Mr. Lee's latest creation use a zero...
  8. Barry

    Suggestions for a Subwoofer Amp?

    Hi folks. Looking for hi-current, stereo subwoofer amp recommendations. Something with great bass and control to drive a pair of Kinergetic Subwoofer SW-800 towers (5 x 10" drivers per side). What's significant is the speaker's nominal impedence of 3.2 ohms. I believe these have roughly ~ 90...
  9. Barry

    Dspeaker anti-mode 2.0 Dual Core Processor - Anyone try it?

    Just purchased one of these to play with and wondered if any others have tried it. It's described as the Swiss -army knife of digital processing. Besides being a DAC, it has room measurement capability, it does room correction, it has digital crossover settings, has several different sound...

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