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    Jeff Rowland Daemon – Reviewing A Statement Superintegrated Amplifier

    1. Introduction Could a no holds barred integrated amplifier rival the performance and flexibility of a stack of top reference-level components: streamer, DAC, phono stage, preamplifier, and monoblock power amplifier pair? Or does the system simplification and space-saving of integrated amps...
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    Shunyata Z-tron Alpha Series

    During CES 2014, Shunyata has introduced 2 new members to its Z-Alpha series of Z-tron power cords. The Alpha series now comprises 3 products: * Z-tron Alpha HC -- "designed for high-current draw components such as high power amplifiers"...
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    Rowland M925 monoblock amplifiers -- Break-in Notes

    I just heard from the Rowland factory today: coming Friday, I will receive my pair (or should I call it my quartet?!) of M925 mono amps.... Needless to say, I am excited! At 320 Lbs combined for the 4 creatures wearing their birthday suits (380 Lbs when boxed) my first challange will be to...
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    Rowland Power storage Unit

    This is a stubb post where I will post information on the upcoming Rowland Power Storage Unit (PSU). PSU is a new type of largely DC external power supply based on supercapacitor AC current rectification. It is expected to be compatible with the Corus linestage and the Aeris DAC, but not with...
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    Rowland Corus linestage

    To get things started on this thread... The absolute Sound has just posted Robert Harley's impressive review of the Rowland Corus linestage and of the Model 725 amp. The review was originally published in print on the December 2012 issue of TAS. You will find the online version of the...
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    Jeff Rowland Capri Series 2 Preamplifier

    This thread is to discuss the new Rowland Capri S2 preamplifier. During CES 2013, Jeff Rowland has announced and released the Capri S2 (Series 2) preamplifier, a replacement of the fabulous original Capri product. Capri S2, as well as its optional DAC card, was developed in an engineering...
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    Jeff Rowland Continuum Series 2 Integrated Amplifier

    Jeff Rowland Design released the Continuum S2 integrated during 3Q 2013. Continuum S2 operates its output stage in class D. The new product is designed around new Pascal power conversion modules. Power rating is 400W over 8 Ohms, and 800W over 4 Ohms. The preamplifier section is based on the new...
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    Jeff Rowland Design Model 525 Bridgeable Power Amplifier

    During CES 2013, Jeff Rowland Design Group has announced the Model 525 -- a new 250W class D stereo amp, bridgeable to an impressive 1000W in mono operations. The M525 is based on new class D technology from Pascal in Copenhagen, and does not contain any ICEpower modules. I have not seen the amp...
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    Rowland Model 825 2-chassis Stereo Power Amplifier

    Rowland has released a new very high end stereo amp -- the Model 825 2-chassis stereo power amplifier during Q2 2013. The m825 is a stereo two-chassis implementation derived from the Model 925 4-chassis monoblock amplifier. Here is what I have learned this far about M825: • MODEL 825 –...
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    Rowland Aeris DAC

    The Rowland suite at CES 2011 showcased a working prototype of the new Jeff Rowland Aeris DAC. To the best of my knowledge, Aeris is JRDG's 1st entry in the digital front end arena. I have little information on Aeris this far, except for what I extracted from the internet, pasted below: •...
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    Rowland M625 class A/B 300W Stereo Stereo Power Amplifier

    The Rowland Model 625 Stereo amplifier started to ship in December 2010. M625 is a single chassis class A/B design; Power rating is 300W at 8 Ohms, 550W at 4 Ohms; Input impedance 10K Ohms; damping factor: 200. maximum current ratings have not yet been published. M625 is fully balanced in the...
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    Rowland Model 301 monoblock power amplifier

    This thread discusses features and experiences with the now withdrawn Rowland Model 301 class D monoblock power amplifier. You will find specs and other technical information on the JRDG knowledge base at: At $30,250 per pair...
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    Rowland Capri preamplifier

    This thread discusses features and experiences with the deceptively small Rowland Capri preamplifier. . . note I am not calling it a linestage, because it does support optional phono cards. Retail price: $2695 (black), $2,995 (silver). Phono card $450 (approx). You will find technical...
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    Rowland Criterion reference linestage preamplifier

    This thread is to discuss features and experiences with the Rowland Criterion twin-chassis battery powered reference preamplifier. List price: $18,800. You will find technical specs at: The JRDG FAQ facility now contains over 130 questions and answers...
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    Rowland Model 312 stereo amplifier (withdrawn)

    This thread is to discuss the recently withdrawn Rowland Model 312 stereo amplifier. You will find technical specs at: I will update this starter post periodically to illustrate some of the features of Model 312. Guido
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    Rowland Continuum 500 and Continuum 250 Integrated amplifiers

    This thread is to discuss features and experiences with the Rowland Continuum 500 and 250 integrated amplifiers. You will find a useful set of technical specs at: I will edit this starter post periodically to illustrate some of the features of C500 in...
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    Introduction to current Rowland product lineup

    Here is the Jeff Rowland current product lineup as of January 2013. Note the new products: M925, M825, M525, Capri S2, and Continuum S2. with the new introductions, Rowland appears to have filled earlier gaps in the product line. Up-to-date links to Rowland products reviews can be found at...
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    Admittedly idiosyncratic

    If I were to explain my particular feelings about the audio hobby, I would declare that in my life, tubes, vinyl, kitties, and pooches have all too much in common: I love them all dearly. . . but only in my friends' homes whenever I pay them a visit. My particular interest is the musical and...

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